Izhaar-e-Kadki = Paise ki Killat
1 Dost - Yaar aajkal GF se udhaar le kar
kaam chala raha hun.

2 Dost - Mere paas to cigarette
tak ke paise nahi hain..


Hindi |


Office से सबसे late निकलते साहब से चौकीदार पूछता है :
साहब, क्या अभी कोई और भी है अंदर ।
साहब : अब अगर कोई होगा तो infra - red कैमरे से ही दिखेगा ।


Hindi |

Bus itna hi kaha tha ki main barso ka pyasa hun
usne pipe muhn mein daal kar motor hi chala di..


Hindi |

Commerce professor asks a student:
What is the most important source
of finance for starting business..?
Student: Father-in-law


English |

Girl to her boyfriend: Can you drive the car with one hand..?
Boyfriend (romantically): Ya sure!
Girl: Taan nak saaf kar le sidla jeha,
kado da vagi jaanda hai.



Ek shaks doctor ke paas aaya aur bola:
Doctor sahib, mujko ek bimari hai.
Doctor ne kaha bola kya bimari hai..?
Usne jawab diya: Mujhko aawaz dikayi nahi deti..

- Salman Ali

Hindi |

Ek aadmi STD shop per phone karne jaata hai
aur STD waale ko 2 thappad maarta hai. Kyon..?????
Kyonki STD shop ke baahar likha tha,
dial karne se pehle 2 lagaayein.



Fatherhood is great because
you can ruin someone from scratch.
- Jon Stewart


English |

God made each and everyone of us unique
until he got to China.
Copy paste.. copy paste..


English |

Kal raat chand dekhney ke baad mainey chand se pucha ki
dekha meri 'jaan sa haseen' chand ne kaha:
Pehli gal: inni doroo kuch disda nahi.
Duji gal: mein tuhade pio da naukar nai .
Teeji teh akhri gal: ae KANJAR - KALESH thalle hi rakheya karo,
mere kol leke na aya karo.


Punjabi |

Cricketer ka beta: Arre dekho maa..
papa sixer per sixer maare jaa rahe hain!!
Maa: Beta theek se dekho..
advertisement hoga.



Before I criticize a man,
I walk a mile in his shoes.
That way, if he gets angry,
he's a mile away and barefoot..


English |

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