A boy called a girl early in the morning.
Boy: You are my baby.. My love .. I love You.
Girl doesn't replied.
Boy: Kuch te bol yaar.
Girl: Sorry phaaji, main swere-swere
jhooth nahi boldi..

- Maano Billi

Punjabi |


God made each and everyone of us unique
until he got to China.
Copy paste.. copy paste..


English |

Innocent kid: Mummy mujhe sister chaahiye.
Mom: Beta Dad abroad hain, jaise hi woh aayenge
hum baat karenge unse.
Kid: Aap unhe SURPRISE kyon nahi dete?



Umma.. umma.. umma.. umma.. umma..
Ummmmmmaaaaaaaaa.. ummaa.. umma..
How do u feel?
This is the cry of a muslim girl
when she felt hungry..



Funny school days
Sitting in the last bench looking up nd thinking..
Agar fan toot gaya to kiske upar girega..


Hindi |

Na jaane woh humse kya chupaati thi,
kuch tha uske honto pe magar na jaane kyon sharmaati thi,
jab humne muh khulwaa ke dekha..
to pataa chalaa..
woh to gutkha khaati thi!!



Who was the first Indian woman
to fly abroad without passport and visa?
Sita with Ravan to Sri Lanka.



Teacher: Beta, bataao to "TAMSO MAA JYOTIR GAMAYA" shlok ka kya arth hai?
Student: Tum so jaao maa, main JYOTI ke paas jaa rahaaa hun....



Girl: Which laptop do you have..?
Boy: Eight-core processor, wxga LED display, 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD & 2GB graphics card.
And which one do you have..?
Girl: PINK wala..!


Hindi |

5 panchi ped dali par baithe the.
Shikari ne ek ko mar diya or 3 udd gaye.
Par ek panchi baitha raha.
Bas haramipana hai,



Ek ladke ne ek hasina ko dekh kr arz kiya..

Teri smile me kya chamak hai,

teri smile me kya chamak hai,

wo muskura kar boli.

Bhaiya mere




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