तौबा तेरी अदायें दिलकश हैं बहुत
पर जो हवा में उड़े वो इंसान कैसा ..


Hindi |


Charlie Chaplin's 3 heart touching statements:
1. Nothing is permanent in this world ..Not even our problems.
2. I like walking in the rain because nobody can see my tears.
3. The most wasted day in life is the day, in which we have not laughed.



It is always safe to learn, even from our enemies,
seldom safe to venture to instruct, even our friends.


English |

Quote on self respect:
I don't care
If anyone doesn't like me..
I am born to express..
Not to impress everyone.

- Hemant Singh

English |

मैं देता रहा दलीलें इंसाफ की उम्मीद में
मगर वो भी क्या कम थे
हर बार हमारी उम्र को तजुर्बे से जोड़ देते थे ..


Hindi |

We are so busy in the flood of thoughts
that we fail to realize our true self.


English |

In archaeology you uncover the unknown.
In diplomacy you cover the known. - Thomas Pickering


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धन्य हो smriti irani serving cabinet माता
तुम्हे सुन कर सिर शर्म से झुक जाता
फर्क और तर्क इंसान करता है
ईश्वर कहीं भी हो केवल प्यार करता है ..


Hindi |

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