Hi what's up ??
Can you do me a favour please ?
Can I get one snap of yours by next week ?
I need it because I am working on a Photo Exhibition
on the topic - Natural Disaster !


English |


100gm mitti,
10gm kankad-pathar,
25 types ke keede-makode,
5gm makdee ke jaale,
50gm ghaas.....
Don't be surprised!
This is the CT scan report of your brain..



Teri dosti ki roshni aesi hai ki,
har taraf ujaala nazar aataa hai,
sochtaa hun ghar ki bijli katwaa doo,
kambakht bill bahut aataa hai.



Oh sms! jaake meri dost ko " I MISS U " kehna.
"SAVE" kare to "shukriya" kehna.
"DELETE" kare to "bevafa" kehna.
Aur agar "naa padhe" to us se "1 rupyaa" le lena!



Today is Tom & Jerry's memorial day (jìchén).
In their sweet memory, please forward this sms to atleast one Cartoon.
I have done my duty.
Now it's your turn.


English |


Ragging ke waqt ladko ne ek ladki se kaha,
ek sawal ka jawab do.
Patna kaha hai?
Ladki: Bihar mein.
Ladke: Yahi pat jao, itne dooor jaane ki kya zaroorat hai..



Kitne haseen hai aap,
khud ko duniya ki nazar se bachaaya karo,
aankhon mein kaajal lagaana kaafi nahi hai,
gale mein neemboo-mirch bhi latkaayaa karo.



Just imagine life without girls..
Empty streets, silent markets
no crime, police at rest
no sms, mobile companies in losses
no flowers, no perfumes, no valentines
no suicides, no travelling
all the boys straight to Heaven ..


English |

Nazar jhuki to paimaane bane,
sharaab bani to maikhaane bane,
koi na koi baat aap mein jaroor hai aisi,
yuhin to nahi pagalkhane bane.



Kanjuson ka mela laga hai,
prasad mein recharge coupon diya jaa raha hai,
kisi aur ko mat batana,
yeh message sirf selected "KANJUSON" ko bheja Jaa raha hai..


Hindi |

Kal dekho bhool na jaana,
subha jaldi uth jaana,
taaze paani se nahaana,
fir humaare ghar aana,
aur zor se aawaaz lagaana,



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