Hi what's up ??
Can you do me a favour please ?
Can I get one snap of yours by next week ?
I need it because I am working on a Photo Exhibition
on the topic - Natural Disaster !


English |


Tum paas aaye,
Yun muskuraaye,
apne 32 daant,
mujhko dikhaaye,
dekh kar mera dil
phoot-phoot ke rota hai
yaar tumse BRUSH bhi
theek se nahi hota hai.



Every second GOD remembers you.
Every minute GOD blesses you.
Every hour GOD cares for you.
Because every day i pray for you,
"Bachcha moorakh hai..lekin apna favourite hai.."



Sms ki umeed laga rakhi hai
nazar mobile par tika rakhi hai
battery bhi full charge kar rakhi hai
magar sms aayega kaise
dosti kanjoosoon se jo bana rakhi hai..


Hindi |

A : u r active
B : u r best
C : u r cute
D : u r my dear
E : u r excellent
F : u r always first
G : u r great
Sorry Z tak jhooth bolne ke liye time lagega..




Taraste hue teri girlfriend ke haathon ne,
teri kalaai ko chua hai.....
jaise uski dil ki dhadkan pooch rahi ho,
"Bhaiyaa, time kya hua hai!!



I can't help it but tell you that
awesome ends with 'me' and
ugly starts with 'u'..


English |

Subha subha uth ke do kaam kia karo
first ALLAH ka shukar ada kia karo
ke tum zinda ho
lux se nahaya karo ta ki doosre bhi zinda reh sakein.


Hindi |

एक बार कुछ बदमाश लड़कों ने College के
नोटिस बोर्ड पर लिख दिया-
" 50 % लडकियाँ बेवकूफ होती हैं "
लड़कियों ने ये देखा तो उन्हें बहुत बुरा लगा
उन्होंने college में हंगामा खड़ा कर दिया ..!!
कॉलेज प्रबंधन ने तुरंत उस नोटिस को निकलवाया
और उसकी जगह नया नोटिस लगवाया -
"50 % लडकियाँ बेवकूफ नहीं होती हैं "
तब जा के लडकियों का गुस्सा शांत हुआ..

- Vikas Umrao

Hindi |

I like you,
I like you,
I like you,
I like you,
very much,
I really like you,
Gita mein likha hai-
Paap se nafrat karo paapi se nahi.



Premi apni premika se:
Teri galiyon mein na rakhenge kadam aaj ke baad..
arre zaalim keechad bahut ho jaata hai barsaat ke baad.



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