Santa : Oye! murge di tang kithe aa..?
Waiter: Sir, murga langda tha.
Santa : Aur dil?
Waiter: Sir, woh murgi le gai.
Santa frustrated: Abey dimaag to hoga..?
Waiter: Sir, Murga bhi sardaar tha.



TV reporter to Santa : Can you tell me
how many jokes are there on you?
Santa : Hardly 2 or max 3,
the rest are all true stories.



Santa raat ko machardaani laga kar so raha tha,
Achanak ek jugnoo aa gaya..
Santa : Lo ye machar humko
Torch le kar dhoondh raha hai.


Hindi |

Santa -Tu udaas kyu hai?

Kal to teri shadi hai

Banta-ladki walo ne kaha hai ki "Barat kam lana"

Santa -to?

Banta-Pata ni Papa muJhe le Jayenge ki ni



Santa Junior: Mummy, kal raati jado main
bathroom da darwaaja kholeyaa te light aape hi jag pai.
Mummy: Oye Khoteyaa, tu fer fridge wich susu kar ditta..



Santa : Yaar Banta, hum dono mein kya rishta hai?
Banta: Jo Gobar aur Uple mein hai.
Santa : Woh kaise?
Banta: Jab Gobar Santa hai, tabhi to Upla Banta hai.



Santa was brought to court on charges of drunken driving.
Just before the trial there was a commotion in the gallery.

The judge pounded the gravel on his table and shouted,
“Order! Order!”

Santa responded immediately,
“Thank you , your honour! I’ll have a scotch and soda.”

- Tarun Goma


English |

Santa saw a beautiful girl,
he went and kissed her.
Girl: "STUPID what are you doing..?"
Santa : B.Com final year.


English |

Couple in theatre:
Husband : Darling, mujhe to tumhaari aatma se pyaar hai,
tumhaara jism to main kutton ko daal dun!!
Santa sitting on back seat: BHOW BHOW..BHOW BHOW..



Santa : Oye! murge di tang kithe aa..?
Waiter: Sir, murga langda tha.
Santa : Aur dil?
Waiter: Sir, woh murgi le gai.
Santa frustrated: Abey dimaag to hoga..?
Waiter: Sir, Murga bhi sardaar tha.



Teacher : 100 dollars can be divided into how many people
if each person should get 30 dollars?
Santa : Unlimited.
Teacher : Are you nuts?
You can't do that.
Santa explains and teacher faints..

Santa : I will give 30 dollars to 3 people
and then will take back from them and
then I will give those to another 3 people
and then take back from them too
and so on..


English |

Hindi teacher asks Santa : Kaal kitne prakaar ke hote hain?
Santa : O G 7 prakaar ke -
1. Local kaal
2. STD kaal
3. ISD kaal
4. Missed kaal
5. Received kaal
6. Dialled kaal aur
7. Sat Sri Akal


Punjabi |

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