Dil ka tamaasha dekha nahi jaata,
toota hua sitaara dekha nahi jaata,
apne hisse ke saare sms aapko de dun..
mujhse kanjooso ka khaali inbox dekha nahi jaata.




A scientist cannot be a president but Kalam did it.
A conductor cannot be a superstar but Rajini did it.
A monkey cannot operate mobile , but u mere lal..
mind blowing..u did it..



U are a DOG.
gussa ho?????
DOG means Darling Of Girls
Happy ?????
has rahe ho?????
sach mein kutte ho.



God saw me hungry, he created Domino's,
God saw me thirsty he created Limca - Frooti,
God saw me walking he created Mercedes Benz.,
God saw me without any problem, he created you..


English |

Main tumko chaand kehta magar
usme daag hai,
suraj kehta magar
usme aag hai,
socha tumko bandar keh du..
magar us kambakht mein bhi dimaag hai.




Gabbar: Arre o sambha.. yeh sms padhne waalaa
insaan hai ki langoor..?
Sambha: Sardaar agar reply kiya to insaan ..
nahi kiya to langoor.
Abhi pataa chal jaayega.



Aapki shaan mein arz hai:
nazar bhar ke dekh liya hota
agar tamanna thi daraane ki,
hum yun hi behosh ho jaate
kya zaroorat thi muskuraane ki.



Paani mein tairna machchli ka style,
hawa mein udna panchi ka style,
different message bhejna apna style,
free mein sms padhna aapka style..



तेरी गलियों में न रखेंगे कदम आज के बाद
कीचड़ बहुत हो जाती है बरसात के बाद ..


Hindi |

Kanjuson ka mela laga hai,
prasad mein recharge coupon diya jaa raha hai,
kisi aur ko mat batana,
yeh message sirf selected "KANJUSON" ko bheja Jaa raha hai..


Hindi |

Seene mein Dil
Dil mein dard
Dard mein yakin
Yakin mein khayal
Khayal mein khwab
Khwab mein tasveer
Tasvir mein aap..
Itna daraawana khwab
Baap re Baap !


Hindi |

Replace your toothbrush
before it becomes


English |

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