Dil ka tamaasha dekha nahi jaata,
toota hua sitaara dekha nahi jaata,
apne hisse ke saare sms aapko de dun..
mujhse kanjooso ka khaali inbox dekha nahi jaata.




Dil ka tamaasha dekha nahi jaata,
toota hua sitaara dekha nahi jaata,
apne hisse ke saare sms aapko de dun..
mujhse kanjooso ka khaali inbox dekha nahi jaata.



Woh taaza thanda paani,
woh khushboodaar saabun,
bathroom shampoo ki bottle se saja hai,
tum kya jano, dear.......
roz nahaane mein kitna mazaa hai.



Sote hue ko jagaaye hum,
aapki neend udaaye hum,
iss time sms karke aapko sataaye hum,
phir aapko gussa aaye aur
uss gusse mein jab aap yaad karein
to muskuraaye hum..


Hindi |

Hi what's up ??
Can you do me a favour please ?
Can I get one snap of yours by next week ?
I need it because I am working on a Photo Exhibition
on the topic - Natural Disaster !


English |


Om namah shivaaye
on sai ram.. waheguru..
jai shri krishna..
daro mat, kisi ko bhejna nahi hai..
khud hi jap lo paapi.



Some things I like about u.....
1. ______
2. ______
3. ______
4. ______
5. ______
Arre kuch to achcha kiya hota zindagi mein!!



Let me test your maths
(u can read only one time, OK)
Q: How many times you pressed the button..?



Skin ke liye mausmi ka juice,
baalon ke liye santre ka juice,
sehat ke liye anaar ka juice,
khush rehne ke liye SMS kiya kar kanjoos.



Five roses just for you
because you are a special person:
1st rose - for friendship
2nd rose - for trust
3rd rose - for wealth
4th rose - for happiness
and the last 5th kaan par lagaa lena.



Aapki yaad mein maine kalam uthaai,
liya kaagaz aur aapki tasveer banaai,
socha tha dil se lagaa ke rakhoonga use,
par woh to bachchon ko daraane ke kaam aai.



My sweetheart,
my kuchikoo,
my nonumonu,
my golumolu,
my darling,
my cutipie,
my jaanu,
my lovely ,
my heartbeat,
my sweetest,
DOGGY is missing dikhe to bataana.



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