Har subha aapki muskuraati rahe,
har shaam aapki gungunaati rahe,
aap jise bhi mile is tarah se mile,
ki har milne waale ko aapki yaad aati rahe.




Teri dooori ka ehsaas jab sataane lagaa,
tere saath beeta har lamhaa yaad aane lagaa,
jab-jab tujhse dooor jaane ka socha,
tu dil ke aur kareeb..aur kareeb aane lagaa.



दोस्त ों की दास्ताँ जब वक़्त सुनाता है
तो हमें भी कोई दोस्त याद आता है
भूल जाते हैं हम ज़िन्दगी के ग़मों को
जब आपके साथ बिताया वक़्त याद आता है ..

Doston ki daastan jab waqt sunaata hai
to humein bhi koi dost yaad aata hai
bhool jaate hain hum zindagi ke ghamon ko
jab aapke saath bitaya waqt yaad aata hai..


Hindi |

Always make your absence felt,
in such a way that somebody misses you,
but don't let your absence be so long
that somebody starts learning to live without you..




Kehne ko lafz nahi hai koi,
likhne ko message nahi hai koi,
par itna jaante hain apna khayaal rakhiyega
aap jaisa humaare paas dusra nahi hai koi.



We may not be able to see each other
or listen to each other often.
But thoughts of you fill my heart
with fond memories of the times
we have spent together.
Thinking of you!


English |

Khushiyon se dil ko aabaad kar lena,
aur ghamo ko dil se aazaad kar dena,
humaari bad itni guzaarish hai ki..
dil se kabhi humein bhi yaad kar lena.



What make some people dearer
is not just the happiness that you feel
when you meet them but
the pain you feel when you miss them..


English |

Mil jaati hai kitno ko khushi ,
mit jaate hain kitno ke ghum,
messages isliye bhejte rehte hain hum,
ki dooor reh kar bhi na ho apno ki muskaan kam..



Sote hue ko jagaayenge hum,
aapki neende churaayenge hum,
har waqt sms karke sataayenge hum,
aapko aayega gussa lekin us gusse mein bhi yaad aayenge hum..



उन्हें तो फुरसत नहीं मिलने की हमसे
और हमारा वक़्त गुज़रता है उनकी फ़रि याद करके
अगर आए वो मेरी मौत पर तो कहना
अभी - अभी सोया है तुम्हे याद करके ..

Unhe to fursat nahi milne ki humse
aur humaara waqt guzarta hai unki fariyaad karke
agar aaye woh meri maut per to kehna
abhi-abhi soye hain tumhe yaad karke..


Hindi |

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