Bill Gates give Rs. 50 tip to waiter.
Waiter: Sir, yesterday your son gave Rs. 500 tip and
you gave only 50..?
Bill Gates: He is the son of a millionaire,
I am the son of a farmer..



If today were perfect,
there would be no need for tomorrow..


English |

सदा तो धूप के हाथों में ही परचम नहीं होता,
खुशी के घर में भी बोलो कभी क्या ग़म नहीं होता..?
फक़त एक आदमी के वास्ते जग छोड़ने वालो,
फक़त उस आदमी से ये ज़माना कम नहीं होता..!

- Vikas Umrao

Hindi |

Sabarimala Mandir par adhikaar jataate
Supreme Court ko aankh dikhaate
Samaanta Ka Adhikaar Modiji Shirdi mein bataate
kaho kaise didi aap darshan paate..


Hindi |


We should take inspiration from the waves,
they rise n fall
but each time they fall
they never fail to rise again.



Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and
expecting the other person to die.


English |

When u face Choices..

Just Toss a Coin..

Not because it solves the Question..
But while the Coin is in Air..
We will know."What our Heart is Hoping for?"



When someone is poor
no one knows him
but when the same person becomes rich
he knows no one..


English |

सार्थक और प्रभावी उपदेश वह है, जो वाणी से नहीं,
अपने आचरण से प्रस्तुत किया जाता है। - पं. श्रीराम शर्मा आचार्य


Hindi |

Sacrifice is greater than Love ,
Character is greater than Beauty,
Humanity is greater than Wealth
but nothing is greater than Good Relations..



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