हर लफ्ज़ के मायने मोहब्बत और
हर जंग का मक़सद जीत नहीं होता।

चाँद भी आता है ज़मीं पर
मगर कभी - कभी ।

अगर क़यामत तुम जैसी है
तो आज ही हो जाए ।

ये शायरी भी तेरी वफ़ा सी है
कभी बे-इन्तेहाँ
तो कभी बे-नियाज़ ।

सब आज ही बयां करोगे
कुछ तो अगली मुलाक़ात के लिए रख लो ।

सब आज ही बयां करने दो
अगली मुलाक़ात से पहले क़यामत ना हो ।

अलविदा, अब चलता हूँ
जो था सब कह दिया ।

वो चले जाते हैं अक्सर
बस कुछ देर ठहर कर ।

पत्तों की रौनक ही
पेड़ों की दास्ताँ है
ठूंठ तो बस
दर्द बयां करते हैं ।

फ़िज़ा सफ़ेद चादर ओढ़ ले
तो रुत सर्द जान पड़ती है
गुलिस्तां सजाने की चाहत हो
तो बहारों सा मिजाज़ रखिये ।

तनहाई में रहने का सबब पूछते हैं
वो जो ज़माने भर का ग़म दे गए ।

अंगारों को छूने की चाहत तो है
मगर हिम्मत नहीं ।

मुददत हुई या सदियाँ
तेरे इंतज़ार ने ये भी भुला दिया ।

जाने कब से हैं सुलग रहे
चंद बूंदों की चाहत में ।

उफ़ान और तूफ़ान
हदों के मोहताज़ नहीं ।

गुस्ताख़ी हमसे हुई है
तोहमत शराब को ना दे कोई ।

ज़लज़ले मुक़र्रर होंगे
तेरी तहरीर पर ।

समंदर सीने में है
फासले से देखिये
यूँ बेपरवाह कभी हम भी थे
एक लहर के आते ही शिकार हो गए ।

मैं तेरे ख़िलाफ़ हूँ क्यूंकि
तू मेरे ख़िलाफ़ है ।

ये ज़िन्दगी फ़क़त तेरे नाम की बरक़त से काबिज़ है ।

सहर तूने लिखवा दिया सूरज
अब ज़माना पढ़ रहा है ।


Urdu |

Welcome to Sweet Dream Airlines,
all passengers on bed be ready
as the flight will be leaving soon to DreamLand;
close your eyes .


English |

Rich in good luck..it's you.
Rich in good eyes ..it's you.
Rich in good smile..it's you.
Rich by heart ..it's you.
Rich in good friend .
Wait a minute..
it's me coz
i have you!



Eyes are good friends..
See together,
weep together,
close together.
But when a girl comes,
one eye starts blinking.
Moral- A girl can break good friendship .



Night has gone and moon too.
Sun has arrive with the sky blue.
Open your beautiful eyes ,
there is an sms for you.


English |

Some of the best moments of life .
Lying on the bed, listening to the rain outside.
Thinking about the person u love .
Taking a long drive on a calm road.
A sweet an emotional conversation.
Finding money in ur old jeans just when u needed.
Giggling naughtily.
Holding hands with ur friend for a walk.
Getting a hug from someone u care the most.
The moments ur eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh.
This is all a part of life .
Just Enjoy!!



My eyes -Miss U
My feelings-Luv U
My mind-Calls U
My life is U.
I'll die without U.
I LUV U..........
aisa teri friend mujhe bolti hai



Ur eyes pathaaka, ur lips rocket,
ur ears chakri, ur baatein fuljhari,
ur style anaar, ur personality bomb..
Tu bhaag ja, i'm coming with candle!!



Last night, thinking of u one tear rolled out.
I asked, why are u out..?
Tear said, there is someone so beautiful in ur eyes ,
there is no place for me..



Sometimes in life we feel so blue,
but someone somewhere is not happy as you.
Somewhere far at the border when a soldier sleeps,
missing his loved ones he silently weeps.
Somewhere a mother painfully sighs because
her new born baby didn't open her eyes .
Somewhere a poor dad silently cries,
when he sees his son begging for a bowl of rice.
Somewhere in an orphanage a little girl is sad,
when she misses her mom and dad.
So at times a reason to smile you may not have any,
say to yourself that you are happier than many.
Because life is beautiful and it's not always blue,
and someone somewhere is not as happy as you.



Sharaabi eyes donate karne gaya.
Counter clerk: Kuch kehna chaahte ho?
Sharaabi: Jise lagaao use bata dena,
yeh do peg ke baad khulti hain..



Kisi ne God se poocha: U gave 2 eyes , 2 ears, 2 arms,
2 legs, 2 kidney but why only one heart ..?
God said: Arre..dil bhi do diye hain,
bus doosra dhoondna padta hai..



One special surprise for you, close ur eyes .
10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1..
Surprise cancelled.
Tum ne aankh band hi nahi ki..



Whenever I feel that I miss u
I close my eyes and I feel that u sit beside me.
I wont open my eyes because of the fear
that u may come out in my tears..


English |

Smile stops when we close the lips;
Dreams ends when we open the eyes ;
Love ends when we stop believing;
But friendship ends when we stop disturbing..!!!!


English |

Boy: I hate to see a girl standing in a bus when I am comfortably seated.
Girl: So what do you do?

Boy: I close my eyes and act like i am sleeping..!


English |

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