Aaj ke baad na peeyenge sharaab
humne kasam khaai hai,
aur isi khushi mein
ek peti aur mangwaai hai.




Workers play football,
Managers play tennis,
and CEOs Play golf.

Higher you go, ball goes smaller n u need a better vision!
Aaj se hum kanche khelenge! :


Hindi |

Biwi: Mujhe samajh nahi aata paisae kahan rakhun,
jahan chupati hun humaara beta chura leta hai.
Husband : Uski books mein chipa do, yeh kabhi hath nahi lagata..

- Kannan


Hindi |

Winter comes again and again
summer comes again and again
but a person like you never comes again
because God never commits mistake again..


English |

Hasti thi hasti thi
Baalon ko lehraati thi
dekh kar sharmati thi,
kuch soch kar phir muskurati thi
aaj pataa chala
Saali PAAGAL thi.



Ladka: Mere saath chalogi.?
Ladki: Kaha?
Ladka: Jaha tum kaho.
Ladki: Ok, police station chalte hain.
Ladka: Lo bataao ab banda apni behen se mazaak bhi nahi kar sakta.



School me ek bachha chaku liye ghoom raha tha
Teacher: Chaku liye kyun ghoom rahe ho..?
Tumhe sharam aani chaahiye.
Bachha: Gareeb hun Sir, Revolver kahan se laun..


Hindi |

Two sardaars were talking.
1st: Is Harbhajan Singh, the cricketer, male or female?
2nd: Female.
1st: How?
2nd: Just now the commentator told a wonderful delivery by him.



An apple a day,
keeps the doctor away.
But if the doctor is cute..
ki kar lega fruit!!



Population control slogan in Bihar:
hum do, humaare do,
unke baad jitne bhi ho,
sabko delhi bhej do.....



Ye Mera New No. Hai - 9953723352.

Plz save kar lena..
Or Haan ek baat suno...

Maze ki baat to dekho purana bhi yahi hai..

- Vikas Umrao


Hindi |

I'll admit that the Chinese kids
in math class are pretty smart
but doing it with their eyes closed
that's a bit tricky..


English |

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