Carry a heart that never hates,
Carry a smile that never fades,
Carry a touch that never hurts,
and always carry a relationship that never breaks.



Friendship is all about three things
-winning, losing n sharing
winning your friends heart ,
losing your self ego,
and sharing joys n sorrows.



In this world GOD made few sweet hearts..
amongst them HE made some sweeter hearts..
amongst them HE made a single sweetest heart ..
Oh hello..tht's me.


English |

You are my sweet friend ..HO NA
i don't want you to KHONA
i want a place in your heart 's KONA
otherwise i will start RONA



In this cruel world
it is very difficult
to find a friend with
beautiful heart , pure feelings,
attractive personality & stylish looks.
Kadar karo meri.


Hindi |

In life there are Five Things
you should not lose:
1. Character
2. Self-Respect
3. Hope
4. Heart
Well, you know my name.


English |

Friendship is a language spoken by heart ..
not written on a paper,
not given by pledge.
It is a promise renewed everytime
we keep in touch..



Miss me or Hate me
Both are in my favour.
If you miss me,
i will always be in your heart .
If you hate me,
i will always be in ur mind.



Closeness resides in heart .
So no matter how busy we are or
how far we are,
you are always remembered and
cared forever!!



Rich in good luck..it's you.
Rich in good eyes ..it's you.
Rich in good smile..it's you.
Rich by heart ..it's you.
Rich in good friend .
Wait a minute..
it's me coz
i have you!



Smile is a language of love
Smile is a way to get success
Smile is to win hearts
Smile improves your personality
So brush regularly..



May the spirit of this holiday season
fill your heart with love , peace and serenity.
Wishing you many blessings for the new year .
Have a great 2007 ahead!!


English |

Friends in heart are the worst tenants.
They capture the heart ,
don't vacate and
if at all they leave,
they just break down the room they live.


English |

If you love someone,
don't keep her in your heart .
Keep her in your nails,
because if you fail in love ..
don't break your heart ,
just cut the nails.
Is this the reason that girls keep long nails..?



A word to say, a word to hear.
Even in your absence, i feel you near.
Our relation is strong, hope it goes long.
We will remain this way, till our Hearts go on.



Friendship is a network that needs no recharging,
no roaming, no validity,
no activation, no signal problem,
just don't switch off your heart .



Life is all about waking up each day
to discover something new,
about meeting old people
but making new conversations,
walking through old roads
but still feeling nice about it,
realizing that you have grown a day older
but still feeling young at heart ,
meeting busy schedules
but still finding time for old friends,
being nostalgic about by gone days
but looking forward to better days,
wanting to shoot the sender
who sent you such a long message
but still manage to smile..



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