Messages are not for time paas.
They silently say that
i am thinking of you right now &
also making you to think of me for a moment.




Waqt ki raahon mein aap bhula de chaahe humein,
per hum aapko bhula nahi paayenge,
teri dosti ki kasam ae dost ,
tu aawaaz de sapne mein..hum haqeeqat mein chale aayenge.



In a Pot,

There r 8 Fishes,

1 is taken out


water level increases-how.?




Think little.?

Other 7 fishes r crying.

Q ki har ek friend zaruri hota hai...




Chaah kar bhi juda na reh sakoge..
rooth kar bhi khafa na reh sakoge..
hum dosti hi kuch aisi nibhaayenge,
ki aap humaare bina ik pal bhi na reh sakoge.



खुदा से कोई बात अनजान नहीं होती
जब इंसान की बंदगी बे-ईमान नहीं होती
कभी माँगा होगा हमने एक प्यारा दोस्त
यूँ ही आपकी हमारी पहचान नहीं होती ..

Khuda se koi baat anjaan nahi hoti
jab insaan ki bandgi be-imaan nahi hoti
kabhi maanga hoga humne ek pyaara dost
yun hi aapki humaari pehchaan nahi hoti..


Hindi |

Money comes and goes,
Friends come and go,
Rain comes and goes,
Love comes and goes,
But if you loose your teeth at this age,
they will never come back.
So better message me everyday.




I was on ship thinking of you,
when i looked down i dropped a tear
into the ocean
then i promisd myself
that until someone finds it
i won't forget you.



Result Agar Achha ho to:
Teacher: Hoshiyar bachcha hai
Maa: Bhagwaan ki kripa hai
Papa: Beta kiska hai
DOST : Chal daaru peete hain.
Result Agar Bura ho to:
Teacher: Padhai mein dhyaan hi nahi tha
Maa: AAG lage iss Mobile ko
Papa: Laad pyar ne Bigaad diya
DOST : Chal daaru peete hain.
MORAL OF THE STORY: Duniya badal jaati hai par DOST nahi badalte.



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