Teacher: Pappu I will give u a tight slap,
if u continue ur Non serious Behavior in the class.
Pappu: Thappad se dar nahi lagta madam
payar se lagta hai.



These are the people
whose 10 minute enjoyment wasted our childhood..


English |

Teacher: Tum bade hokar kya karoge?
Student: Shadi karunga.
Teacher: Nahi, mera matlab hai kya banoge?
Student: Dulha banunga.
Teacher: Oh ho! Papa tumse kya chaahte hain?
Student: Pota.
Teacher: Hey Bhagwaan! abey zindagi ka kya maksad hai?
Student: Hum do, humaare do.



Height of Challenge
In an exam a student just writes one line
leaving the rest of the answer sheet blank:
Pass me, if you have can.



A girl comes late to class.
Prof: Why are you late?
Girl: Sir, a boy was following me.
Prof: Then how come you are late?
Girl: The boy was walking too slow.



Exam model by years:
1998: Answer all questions.
2005: Answer any five questions.
2008: Write either A or B.
2015: Only read questions.
2020: Thanks for coming.



Teacher: Which was the first silent film in english?
Tintu: If the film was silent, How could U know it was english?



" I love You"
ki khoj kahan hui?
Boy: China mein..
Teacher: Kyu?
Boy: Kyuki iski na koi warranty hai aur na koi guaranty.
Chale to chaand tak, na chale to shaam tak..

- Tarun Goma


Hindi |

Two commerce students talking

X- oh sorry yaar heard about your breakup... :(

Y- yup

X- You must be sad na..

Y- No yaar. We are commerce students!

I have kept 1 gf as reserve for doubtful debts..

- Tarun Goma

English |

Teacher: Dhritrashtra ke 100 putra the aur
Paandu ke sirf 5, aisa kyun..?
Student: Madam, jinki aankhein hoti hain,
unhe aur bhi kaam hote hain..



Teacher: What is the name of MS Dhoni's wife ?
Student: SMS Dhoni.
Teacher: What?
Student: Sakshi Mahendra Singh Dhoni..



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