Teacher: Which was the first silent film in english?
Tintu: If the film was silent, How could U know it was english?



Dad: Beta, is baar 80% number leyaane aa tu paperaan ch.
Pappu: Don't worry dad, main 100% leaanwaagaa.
Dad: Kanjaraa, mazaak kardaa hai mere naal?
Pappu: Pehla mazaak kehde kanjar ne shuru kita si..



Teacher: George Washington not only chopped down his father's cherry tree,
but also admitted it.
So do you know why his father didn't punish him?
Student: Because George still had the axe in his hand.


English |

Student to God : Hazaaron ki kismat tere haath thi,
agar paas kar dete to kya baat thi..
God replied: Ishq thoda kam ladaate to kya baat thi,
kitaabe to saari tere paas thi..



Teacher: Which was the first silent film in english?
Tintu: If the film was silent, How could U know it was english?



Paying money for other's mistake
will happen only in..
School, College, University in the name of


English |

Teacher: Pappu I will give u a tight slap,
if u continue ur Non serious Behavior in the class.
Pappu: Thappad se dar nahi lagta madam
payar se lagta hai.



" I love You"
ki khoj kahan hui?
Boy: China mein..
Teacher: Kyu?
Boy: Kyuki iski na koi warranty hai aur na koi guaranty.
Chale to chaand tak, na chale to shaam tak..

- Tarun Goma


Hindi |

Chemical Joke:
All electrons were having party.
Suddenly protons attacked them.
A hero comes and saves them.
They asked who are you?
He said: I am Bond..Covalent Bond..



Ek baccha roz math teacher ko phone lagata tha.
Teacher's wife : Kitni baar kaha, wo mar gaye hain,
baar-baar phone kyun karte ho ?
Baccha: Sun ke achha lagta hai..


Hindi |

Father: What were the two hardest things
you learnt in the college..?
Son: Opening beer bottles with teeth &
lighting 10 cigarettes with onle one match stick..



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