Hum Lakh Ache sahi pr log kharab kehte hain.
Bigda hua humko vo Nawab kehte hain.
Hum to aise badnam ho gaye hain teri chaahat mein
ki PANI bhi piye to log SHARAB kehte hain.....!


Hindi |


तुम मुखातिब भी हो, क़रीब भी हो
तुम को देखूं कि तुम से बात करूँ ..
- फ़िराक़ गोरखपुरी

Tum mukhaatib bhi ho, kareeb bhi ho
tum ko dekhun ki tum se baat karun..
- Firaq Gorakhpuri


Hindi |

Kabhi-kabhi aisa bhi hota hai,
pyaar ka asar zaraa der se hota hai,
aapko lagta hai hum kuch nahi sochte aapke baare mein,
par humaari har baat mein aapka hi zikr hota hai..


Hindi |

Pyaase ko ik katra paani hi kaafi hai,
ishq mein char pal ki zind-gaani hi kaafi hai,
doobne ko samander mein jaayein kahan..
unki palkon se tapka woh paani hi kaafi hai.



वो थकते नहीं हमारी बुराई करते
कोई गैर कुछ बोल दे
तो उन्हें बर्दाश्त भी नहीं ..


Hindi |

How gently and lovingly
You awake in my heart ,
Where in secret You dwell alone;
And in You sweet breathing,
Filled with good and glory,
How tenderly You swell my heart with love .


English |

You will feel me on the soft gentle breeze
As you wander through the tall forest trees
I will be on the beach as the tide comes in
That will remind you how easy my heart was to win..


English |

The taste of water can be enjoyed
only when we are thirsty.
Same way, the love of true persons will be known
when we are alone.



Jo tumse behad pyar krta hain
Unhe kabhi bhi dimaag se answer mat do
Unhe apne dil ki gehraiyon se answer do..

- Neha Priya Minj

Hindi |

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