Friends are like street lights along the road.
They don't make the distance any shorter,
but they light up the path &
make the journey worthwhile!!



A Sardaar made a call to airport and
asked how long is the journey
from Punjab to America..
Receptionist: One second, sir.....
Sardaar: Thank you.



Dedicated to special people in my LIFE ..
I say crazy things when i am hyper
but don't do them..
I say stupid things when i am angry
but don't mean them..
I say hurtful things when i am hurt
but i didn't mean to hurt you..
I say silly things without thinking
but laugh at myself later..
To my friends who ignore my crazy talk and
laughat my silliness..
Thanks for accepting me the way i am..
Am glad i met you in this beautiful journey called



6 Logics-
1. Make peace with ur past so it doesn't spoil ur present.
2. What others think of u is none of ur business.
3. Time heals almost everything, give time, some time.
4. Don't compare ur life with other's,
u have no idea what their journey is all about.
5. Stop thinking too much,
it's alright not 2 know all d answers.
6. Smile !! U don't own all d problems in d world ..!



Time may lead me somewhere away from you,
fate may wipe me from your memory,
but i will always be thankful that
once in life's journey , we became friends..


English |

Lantern In A Soul

Love lights the lantern in a soul,
Laughter keeps it beaming bright;
Lightheartedness heals it whole,
Life's journey is well poised for flight.

But when Love is lost, all laughter dies,
Grief snuffs out every little spark;
Darkness circles tearful eyes,
To leave a lasting scarring mark.

Then the lantern in a soul grows weak,
No hopeful flicker gleams and glows;
The flare of fun grows darkly bleak,
With wicked, weeping, wailing woes.

Light your lantern, guard its glow,
And light will lead you where you go.

- Roann Mendriq


English |

We all have a personal path to pursue
but only a few are able to realize it.
The early we recognize it
the sooner we shall complete the journey ..


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