A man and a woman were fighting
on a railway station.
The lady: Ye jhaadoo dekhi hai,
ek doongi aur seedha canada pahunchega.
Santa , who was just passing by, also heard this and
immediately came to the lady,
Santa : Madam ji, jhaadoo ki kuch tillein mujhe bhi de do,
mujhe Jalandhar jaana hai.


Hindi |

Santa wanted to become as famous as Newton.
So he wrote down The Fourth Law of Motion:
Loose Motion can never be done in Slow Motion!


English |

Santa wanted to make an STD call to Hoshiyarpur
but it was too expensive.
Can u guess what he did..?
He went to hosiyarpur and
made a local call.
Bolo tara ra ra..!!



Santa sookhe taalaab mein boat chala raha tha.
Banta: Aise logo ne hi humaara naam kharaab kar rakha hai,
agar mujhe tairna aata to wahi jaa kar maarta saale ko..



Judge to Santa : tum 3rd time adalat main aa rahe ho.
Tumhe sharam nahi aati..?
Santa : janab tusi ta roz hi aande ho
tuhanu ta dubb ke mar jana chaida hai.



Santa went to a shop with the Indian Flag and
asked the shop-keeper to show more colors for it..


English |

A Chinese was in a hospital.
Santa went to meet him.
Chinese said CHING CHONG, MOU.CHU CHA & died.
Santa went china to know the meaning, that was:
You are standing on the Oxygen pipe..


English |

Teacher : How many juice tetra packs can you
buy in 100 dollars if cost of one is 30 dollars?
Santa : 100 packs.
Teacher : Sorry, that's not correct.
Santa explains and the whole class claps..

Santa : I will buy 100 packs on credit by paying 100 dollars..


English |

Driver: Sir, which way to turn, left or right?
Santa : Jaha se tyre puncture ho jaaye ya gaadi kharaab ho jaaye.
Driver: Kya keh rahe ho sir..?
Santa : Haan, tabhi to main paise kam doonga.


Hindi |

Santa : Jaldi ek glass juice do ladaai hone waali hai.
.Ek glass peene ke baad,.
Santa : Ek glass aur do ladaai hone waali hai.
Juice-wala: Ladaai kab hone waali hai..?
Santa : Jab tu paise maangega..


Hindi |

Smartest thing santa ever did.
He changed his passwords to incorrect.
So whenever he forgets, the computer will remind him,
'Incorrect username or password.'..


English |

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