Grahambel found telephone..
Edison found electric bulb..
Marconi found radio..
Columbus found america..
tu bas mobile nu angootha maari ja, Nalaayak!



Hi jaan .....
kahaan ho jaan .....
kab miloge jaan ....
miss u jaan .....
i love u jaan .....
zyaada khush mat ho..
aur har blank ke aage "war" laga ke
sach pata kar lo.



Aapki yaad mein maine kalam uthaai,
liya kaagaz aur aapki tasveer banaai,
socha tha dil se lagaa ke rakhoonga use,
par woh to bachchon ko daraane ke kaam aai.




Arz kitta hai..
mathe te lahu.. sir te ret..
Gaur karnaa..
mathe te lahu.. sir te ret..
Sajnaa ne phull maareyaa..



Ever since I met u,
i learnt a lot of things from u,
i didn't understand how and why?
then today i heard the proverb,
"Wise people learn more from FOOLS."



God is so wise that He created friends without a price tag
because if He did, then i couldn't have afforded u...
5-10 paise ke sikke aajkal kahaan milte hain!!



Yeh jo hasino ke baal hote hain,
ladkon ko fasaane ke jaal hote hain,
pee jaati hain saara khoon ladko ka,
tabhi to hoth itne laal hote hain!!!



Kya bat hai aaj to rangeen ho
kaun se colour ka kamaal hai..??
Aap sunder ho ya Dressage ka Dhamaal hai..

- Vicky Manda

Hindi |

If 10 people in the world miss you,
I am one of them.
If 5 people miss you,
I am one of them.
If one person misses you,
that's me.
If no one misses you, it means
I have also other tasks to do
Mainu hor v kam ne..


English |

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