Tamaam umar main unki chaukhat pe tha
unhone nazar bhar dekha bhi na
aaj ruksat hun jahaan se to
humein seene se lagaaye baithe hain..


Hindi |

Salaam mera unke jharoke se jaata
kuch kehta, kuch sun ke aata
sheher ajnabi.. to ajnabi sahi
kisi se to tarruf ho jaata
maine ret se gharonda bana rakha tha
dekhne na sahi to todne hi aa jaata
kaali surat pe meri duniya hasti rahi
ek mazaak kabhi woh bhi bana jaata
mumkin tha khwaab parwaz ho jaata
tamanna ki us raat agar woh khanjar na laata..


Urdu |

लोग ऐसे भी इस बस्ती में
जिन्हें नज़र तो आता है
मगर नज़रिया नहीं
यहाँ चेहरों की रौनक बढ़ाने की ख़ातिर
हज़ार नुस्ख़े आज़माये जाते हैं ..


Hindi |

Sadak par roshni sahi
fir bhi sambhal kar chaliye
yahaan har jurm ka gunhagaar
sharaabi hi hai..


Hindi |

A king who keep all resources with him and
does not provide arms to infantry shall perish..


English |

When a setback is encountered
it generally leaves a void.
Then there are numerous options
for filling that one gap.
But can anything fit perfectly ever..?
Life's living with such voids.
Sometimes we fill them with some option
to reduce the gap and
sometimes we are not really looking for something to fill in..


English |

Kar de nist-o-naabood jo karte qaid parindon ko
mita de nishaan unka jo karte juda jaano ko
ho jaaye jannat isi zameen par
kar de ya maula khaak unko jo dilon mein angar rakhte hain..


Urdu |

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