Dowry stands for
D - Donkeys
O - Of the first order
W - Who can't stand on their feet
R - Rely on their wives riches
Y - Yet shameless


English |


We always miss a very special someone in life
only for two reasons:
Either that person was always with you or
you always wanted to be with that person.



If someone leaves without a reason,
don’t let them come back with an excuse!


English |

Simple line...
"Empty Pockets teaches million things in life ..."
"Full Pockets spoil U in million ways..."


English |

Look up and not down.
Look forward and not back.
Look out and not in.
Lend a hand.

- Edward Everett Hale


English |


Carry a heart that never hates,
Carry a smile that never fades,
Carry a touch that never hurts,
and always carry a relationship that never breaks.



If someone argues or makes fun of you,
Don't Mind it,
because it is the law of nature
that the tree which bears the sweetest fruits
gets the maximum number of stones.



Best end is Friend .
Best stand is Understand.
Best age is Courage.
Best work is Hardwork.
Best day is Today.
Think best n be best..



Everybody deserves second chances,
but not for the same mistakes.


English |

मंडियों में क्यों हर साल हज़ारों टन गेहूं
बारिश में गीला हो जाता है
जलती धूप में पसीना बहा कर
जो नाज़ों से सींचे मोती
क्यों उनको बिना तरपाल
खुले में छोड़ दिया जाता है
क्या कभी कोई इस जुर्म की सज़ा भी पाता है ..


Hindi |

People, food, colour, air, language everything changes..
But the sky looks the same wherever you go..


English |

What you will do if one day
whole world will be on one side and
you on opposite..??
Just turn back and
you will be the leader of the whole world !!



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