As mercury rises with rising temperature
Oh Great Lord, let my passion perform wonders
with heat of my hard-work and perseverance..


English |


I requested God let my friend be happy and healthy forever.
God said 4 days only.
I said ok: spring, summer, autumn and winter day.
God : No only 3 days.
I: Ok, yesterday, today n tomorrow.
God : No only 2 days.
I: Ok, brightday and night.
God : No only 1 day
I: Ok, Everyday.
God laughed and said OK..



Subah hote hi jab dunia aabaad hoti hai,
aankh khulte hi aapki yaad hoti hai,
khushiyon ke phool hon aapke aanchal mein
ye mere honthon pe pehali fariyaad hoti hai..


Hindi |


Rab se aapki khusi mangte hain,
dua mein aapki hansi mangte hain,
sochate hain aapse kya mangu.
chalo umar bhar ki dosti mangte hain..

- Arman

Hindi |

May God Love you so much that
He turns His ear to you constantly and
always answer your request.
May be not with a Yes, but always with the Best!!



Muskaan aapke honto se kahi jaaye na,
aansoo aapki palko pe kabhi aaye na,
pura ho aapko har khwaab,
jo pura na ho woh khwaab kabhi aaye na.




We believe we can fly,
we believe we can touch the sky ,
nothing is going to stop our way,
that's all we want to say.
We believe we can fly,
we believe we can touch the sky ,
we must dream to be among the stars,
we must dream the dreams.
We must dare to challenge,
put in the efforts and belive me..
Keep dreaming.. Keep achieving.
My Wishes..



Yaa-rabb talafi karna mere gunaahon ki
shaayad kal ki subha mere naseeb mein na ho..


Urdu |

Murliwala har nazar se bachaye aapko,
chand sitaaron se sajaye aapko,
bhool jaayein ki gham kya hota hai
Maakhan-chor zindagi mein itna hasaye aapko..


Hindi |

Jannat ke darwaze pe dastak di to aawaz aayi - Kya chahiye

Maine haha - Khushiyan aur Lambi Umar

Kiske Liye

Jo is waqt Lazeez SMS pad rahe hain unke liye..


Hindi |

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