Mountaineering (Mountain Climbing) Summer Vacation Trip
Hurry..!! Limited Period Offer..!! Join Today..!!
Free Bedding..!! Free Meals..!! Free 24x7 Health Chek-Up..!!
Just a few hours climbing and rest vacation weeks in hospital..


English |

If people say u r Crazy, be patient.
If they say u r a Monkey, relax.
If they say u r Stupid, be cool.
But if they say u r smart,
thappad maar saale ko,
mazaak ki bhi koi hadh hoti hai.



I want to say something to U
it start with U and ends with U
If you know then message me.

Ullu ( उल्लू )


Hindi |

It is a fact that when babies are born
Doctors slap their face to make them start
crying n breathing so that their lungs expand.
But there are exceptional cases too,
like your's.
When you were born, the doctor slapped himself.




A rose is always a rose
whether in golden pot or dustbin.
Same way you are always my friend
whether you are in
central jail or mental hospital..



This msg is strictly for smart & cute readers.
Since you have received this
it's obviously a technical error.
The sender deeply apologizes.
Sorry for the inconvenience..


English |

Phool Main Phool,
Phool Jama Phool,
Phool Daar Phool,
Phool Hun Phool.

Ab is SMS ko 'Phool' ke bina padho.
Dekhna tumhara naam aaega.


Hindi |

Garmi ke mausam mein most importantly
Dhoop mein nikla na karo roop ki rani
gora rang kala na pad jaaye..


Hindi |

Hands up! This is a robbery!
Handsome guys, move to the right.
Pretty girls, move left.
Ugly ones, go to the centre.
Hey you, Yes you..Don't pretend to read the sms,
go to the centre.



Kaaju, baadaam, akhrot, pista, kish-mish..
all dry fruits are tasty but
they are nothing in comparison to you..
Because abey KHAJOOR teri baat hi kuch aur hai!!



तेरी गलियों में न रखेंगे कदम आज के बाद
कीचड़ बहुत हो जाती है बरसात के बाद ..


Hindi |

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