Don't cry because you are leaving,
smile because you were there.


English |


Banta: Why do they throw their caps in the air at graduation ceremony.
Santa : That's what they have earned.
Banta: What will we throw in the air?
Santa : What we have earned.
Banta: And what is it?
Santa : Kudiyaan Di Juttiyaan ..


Punjabi |

Inflate this Farewell Party
with your Cheers & Laughter's
and depart with a Big Bang!!


English |

बदलते वक़्त ने गुज़ारिश की है
इक मोहलत के लिए आपसे दूरी की है
खुश हैं हम यह देख कर
आपने जाने की तैयारी की है ..

Badalte waqt ne guzaarish ki hai
ik mohlat ke liye aapse doori ki hai
khush hain hum yeh dekh kar
aapne jaane ki tayyari ki hai..


Hindi |

Winter comes again and again
summer comes again and again
but a person like you never comes again
because God never commits mistake again..


English |


Seashore waves are a reminder
which beautifully reflects that
whatever comes shall has to go..


English |

देखते थे रोज़
नज़र में थे आप हमारी
अब महसूस करेंगे रोज़
दिल में रहोगे आप हमारे..


Hindi |

दोस्तों की कमी नहीं आज
हर mobile में installed
Facebook और WhatsApp
just stay connected in the group
with status updated
lots of love and best wishes from all of us..


English |


प्यार करने का अंदाज़ आना चाहिए
याद करते हुए मुस्कुराना चाहिए
आप रोज़ कॉल करो न करो
पर प्यार ा सा एसएमएस रोज़ आना चाहिए ..

Pyaar karne ka andaaz aana chaahiye
yaad karte hue muskurana chaahiye
aap roz call karo na karo
par pyaara sa sms roz aana chaahiye..


Hindi |

There is an end to all things
no matter how much we want to hold on to them.


English |

Somehow I know we'll meet again.
Not sure quite where and
I don't know just when.
You're in my heart ,
so until then it's time for saying goodbye.
- Muppets


English |


आप दूर ही रहा कीजिये
पास होते तो शायद सितारे
भी अच्छे ना लगते ..


Hindi |

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