मैं गया उसकी गली में
बोला दिल से दिल लगा लो
जब देखा उसकी मम्मी को
तो बोला जूते - चप्पल ठीक करा लो ..

Main gaya uski gali mein
bola dil se dil laga lo
jab dekha uski mummy ko
to bola joote-chappal theek kara lo..


Hindi |


A hair in the head is worth
two in the brush..


English |

Ek aadmi ki 6 ungaliyaan thi,
usse log hanuman bulaate the,
bataao kyon??
uska naam hanuman tha..!!



Doctor: Is dawaa ko ek hafte mein poora karo aur baad mein aake milo.
Patient: Theek hai doctor.
(ek hafte ke baad)
Doctor: Dawaa khatam huaa kya?
Patient: Nahi doctor.
Doctor: kyu nahi?
Patient: Usme likhaa thaa ke, bottle ko hamesha bandh rakhe..

- Tarun Goma


Hindi |

Fatherhood is great because
you can ruin someone from scratch.
- Jon Stewart


English |

Hansa: AUTOMATICALLY matlab?
Praful: Jab auto mein baith kar koi ladki ganji ho jaaye
to usko kehte hain,



Kal hum bhi jashan-e-aazadi manate lekin
Hum se koi jhandiyaan cheen kar le gaya..


Hindi |

A boy called a girl early in the morning.
Boy: You are my baby.. My love .. I love You.
Girl doesn't replied.
Boy: Kuch te bol yaar.
Girl: Sorry phaaji, main swere-swere
jhooth nahi boldi..

- Maano Billi


Punjabi |

Santa went to an electrical shop.
Santa : 2 panke dena; 1 ladies aur 1 gents.
Salesman: Pankhon mein ladies aur gents nahi hota.
Santa : Kaise nahi hote..1 Bajaj ka de aur 1 Usha ka..


Hindi |

Boy to other boy:-
Why you are flirting that girl, she already has a boy friend ..
Awesome Reply:-
Khali kursi pe to koi bhi baith sakta hai,
dum hai to kisi ko utha ke baitho..

- Hemant Singh


Hindi |

I once drank भांग and then wrote a book.
It was called 'The Big भांग Theory'.


Hindi |

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