Hi jaan .....
kahaan ho jaan .....
kab miloge jaan ....
miss u jaan .....
i love u jaan .....
zyaada khush mat ho..
aur har blank ke aage "war" laga ke
sach pata kar lo.




Tawe par padaa popcorn uchaltaa kyon hai..
khud baith ke dekho, pataa chal jaayega..



100gm mitti,
10gm kankad-pathar,
25 types ke keede-makode,
5gm makdee ke jaale,
50gm ghaas.....
Don't be surprised!
This is the CT scan report of your brain..



Koi new message hai kya..?
Agar hai to..
to please
DELETE kar de
bhejna to tune hai nahi.



Meri yaad aaye = Yaad Karo
Zyaada yaad aaye = SMS Karo
Aur zyaada yaad aaye = Phone Karo
Aur bhi zyaada yaad aaye = Milo
Us-se bhi zyaada yaad aaye = To please jhooth bolna band karo.




Apne dimaag ko test karne ke liye
Cow ke saame sir karke khade ho jaao.
Agar woh dooor jaaye to samajh lena gobar hai,
agar paas aaye to bhoosa hai,
aur agar na dooor jaaye aur na paas aaye
to samajh lena khaali hai.



Purushottam shri Ramchandraji ko lanka safar ke liye
500 bandaro ki zaroorat hai.
499 pahoonch chuke hai.
sms milte hi turant niklo.



Hum dooor sahi..majboor sahi,
par yaad tumhaari aati hai,
tum saans wahaan par lete ho,
par badboo yahaan tak aati hai.



Ragging ke waqt ladko ne ek ladki se kaha,
ek sawal ka jawab do.
Patna kaha hai?
Ladki: Bihar mein.
Ladke: Yahi pat jao, itne dooor jaane ki kya zaroorat hai..



Any idea about this number:
marannu alle..??
poyi LKG yil irikk..!
It's 0 to 9 in descending order..



If 10 people in the world miss you,
I am one of them.
If 5 people miss you,
I am one of them.
If one person misses you,
that's me.
If no one misses you, it means
I have also other tasks to do
Mainu hor v kam ne..


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Mountaineering (Mountain Climbing) Summer Vacation Trip
Hurry..!! Limited Period Offer..!! Join Today..!!
Free Bedding..!! Free Meals..!! Free 24x7 Health Chek-Up..!!
Just a few hours climbing and rest vacation weeks in hospital..


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