तुझे धोखा तो हम भी दे सकते थे ऐ दोस्त
मगर बड़े - बुज़ुर्गों ने कहा है कि
शेर की सवारी और विश्वकर्मा की यारी
बड़े नसीब वालों को ही मिलती है ..

- Reshma

Hindi |

A lover says,
"I will be with you in all your troubles"
but a good friend says,
"You will have no troubles when i am with you."




Chaah kar bhi juda na reh sakoge..
rooth kar bhi khafa na reh sakoge..
hum dosti hi kuch aisi nibhaayenge,
ki aap humaare bina ik pal bhi na reh sakoge.



A simple poem 4 U:
Forgetting U is hard to do
forgetting me is up to U!
forget me never &
U'll have a great friend forever!!



New friends are like poems..
but old friends are like alphabets..
Don't forget your old friends because
you always need alphabets to read poems..




Saaton aasmaan ki sair hum kar aaye,
har ek taare se dosti kar aaye,
ek taara khaas tha jise hum apne saath le aaye..
warna aap hi sochiye aap zameen par kaise aaye.



Ik baar ik banda gwaandiyaan de ghar manja laen lai gayaa,
gwaandi kehnda: Yaar saade ghar 2 hi manje ne
ik te main te mera baapu te
dooje te meri vohti te meri maa sonde ne.
Banda: Kanjaraa..manja nahi dena na deo
par soya te tareeke naal karo.




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