A real story from Konni, Pathanamthitta, Kerala:
A BPL family got water connection. Everyone was happy . The tap never gave any water after initial testing but after 3-4 months a bill of Rs. 480/- came in June 2024. The poor widow lady went to the local water office to complain that she had received a water bill showing meter reading zero. She also told authorities that being a BPL family she was told that no water bill will come.

The officials told her that her connection is yet to be converted to BPL and thus she has to pay the bill. They told that the connection will be converted to BPL in January 2025. Further, they directed her to an engineer. The engineer confirmed that as the water tank is still under construction so no water has been supplied to her as reflected in zero meter reading.

The lady asked them that she wants to surrender the water connection to which the officials told her that then she needs to pay panchayat penalty for agreeing to a water connection and then surrendering it. They told her that they will temporarily disconnect the connection but in case the meter reading will reflect any usage then she will face water theft charges.

Har Ghar Jal or Har Ghar Bill?
#HarGharJal #JalJeevanMission #jalshaktiabhiyan #jalshakti


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i wish moon always be full and bright
and you always be cool and right
whenever you go to switch off the light
remember that i m wishing you GOOD NIGHT !!


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Did i do anything wrong..?
Then why are you avoiding me..?
Atleast remember me once in a week.
It's really hurting me.
with love ,
ur TooThBruSh.



Every second GOD remembers you.
Every minute GOD blesses you.
Every hour GOD cares for you.
Because every day i pray for you,
"Bachcha moorakh hai..lekin apna favourite hai.."



Someone remembers, somebody cares,
your name is whispered in somebody's prayers .
Keep the bright of sunshine in view,
someone is warmly thinking of YOU..



Do you know the meaning of DAIRYMILK..?
Darling Always I Remember You,
Meet Immediately for a Long Kiss.
That's why girls ask for DAIRYMILK..



Hands in Hands, walk an extra mile,
Remember on this earth we are for a while,
Smile n make everyone Smile,
because tht's the wayto live the life in Style..



Friendship is like a violin,
music may stop now and then,
but strings are attached forever!
Likewise you may be in touch or not,
but you are always remembered.



Memories play a very confusing role..
They make you laugh when you remember
the time you cried together.
But make you cry when you remember
the time you laughed together.



Relation means:
To Help Without Hesitation..
To Give Without Expectation..
To Love Without Limitation..&
To Remember even Without Communication..



Never say thanks to someone who loves you,
Never say bye to someone who really needs you,
Never blame a person who really trusts you, &
Never forget a person who always remembers you..



Closeness resides in heart .
So no matter how busy we are or
how far we are,
you are always remembered and
cared forever!!



Days are too busy.
Hours are too fast.
Seconds are too few.
But there's always time
for me to remember a nice person
-==LIKE YOU==-



Valuing someone isn't merely by seeing
each other everyday.
What counts is that somehow
in our busy lives
we remember to say
U r always remembered.



As i look back my life ,
i remember tears i cried,
jokes i laughed at,
things i lost, but
there is one things i never regret,
it's the day we become friends.



A famous inspirational speaker said -
'Best years of my life were spent
in the arms of a woman who wasn't my wife !'
Audience was in shock and silence.
He added -
'She was my mother.'
Applause & Laughter.
A top manager tried to crack this at home.
After a drink he said loudly to his wife , in kitchen -
'Best years of my life were spent
in the arms of a woman who wasn't my wife !'
Standing for a moment
trying to recall the second half, he finally blurted out -
'I can't remember .'



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