i am weak in maths,
but i am able to count the minutes which i spend with you.
i am weak in history,
but i have never seen a friend like you in my whole life .
i am weak in geography,
but i can recognise the wonderful place where i first met you.
i am weak in studies,
but i know i can get 100% in your Beautiful Friendship ..!!



Take time to laugh - It is the music of the soul..
Take time to be friendly - It is the road to happiness..


English |

Aapka chehre par kya Sweet Smile hai,
haath mein kya Raapchik Mobile hai,
Mobile mein SMS ki kya Jhakkas File hai,
phir bhi SMS na karna kya Bhaav Khaane ka Style hai..??



Aapki dosti , aapki wafaa hi kaafi hai,
tamaam umar yeh aasraa hi kaafi hai,
jab bhi waqt mile muskura kar yaad kar lena..
humaari khushi ke liye yeh silsila hi kaafi hai.




We met, it was by chance.
We met again, it was by luck.
We became friends, it was destiny.
We are still friends, it is our decision.
We will always be friends, that's a promise..


English |

Ghum ke saagar mein kabhi dooob na jana,
raahon pe chalke manzil na paao to tooot na jana,
aur zindagi mein agar kisi dost ki kami mehsoos ho..
to hum hain yeh bhool na jana.



A true friend knows the right time to praise,
the right time to listen , and the right time to rebuke.
He knows when to come and when to stay away.
A true friend masters the art of timing.


English |


Friends are like street lights along the road.
They don't make the distance any shorter,
but they light up the path &
make the journey worthwhile!!



Unki gali se mera janaaza nikla,
woh na nikle jinke liye janaaza nikla,
woh nikle to mere dost seeti bajaane lage,
rakh ke mera janaaza sab usse pataane lage..



O friend ji..tussi mithaa aam ho,
coca-cola da jaam ho,
sir dard ka baam ho,
saaraa kuch theek hai,
bas SMS nahi karde,
bas es waaste badnaam ho..



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