Teacher: Please pay a little attention.
Student: I am paying as little as I can, sir.




It is not the fall that kills you,
it is the sudden stop at the end.


English |

If children's prayer had any effect,
there wouldn't be a single teacher alive.


English |

Hasti thi hasti thi
Baalon ko lehraati thi
dekh kar sharmati thi,
kuch soch kar phir muskurati thi
aaj pataa chala
Saali PAAGAL thi.



Young generation ko sabse zada tention kab hoti hai???
Jab wo so kar uthe or unka mobile mummy k pas ho..
mummy hum sirf dost hain!



Cricketer ka beta: Arre dekho maa..
papa sixer per sixer maare jaa rahe hain!!
Maa: Beta theek se dekho..
advertisement hoga.



Question: Why Santa gave Oreo biscuit to
Chhota Bheem (chota bhim),
Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Kalia and Dholu - Bholu..?

Answer: Because ladoo mein cream nahi hoti.


Hindi |

9 arab 89 crore
10 lakh 69 thousand
and 004.
Daro mat, yeh mera bank balance nahi
mobile no. hai..!!



Height of brand consciousness..
A rich girl was walking by the river side in jungle and
suddenly saw a crocodile and a cheetah.
She screamed:
Oh my God ..! LACOSTE and PUMA..


English |

Kisi ne is par nazar daali..
Kisi ne us par nazar daali..
humne jis par nazar daali,
uske baap ne uski shaadi kar daali.



The pessimist spoke mournfully to his friend :
"It is only to me that such misfortunes happen."
"What's the matter now?", inquired his friend .
The pessimist answered dolefully:
"Don't you see that it is raining..?"


English |

Na jaane woh humse kya chupaati thi,
kuch tha uske honto pe magar na jaane kyon sharmaati thi,
jab humne muh khulwaa ke dekha..
to pataa chalaa..
woh to gutkha khaati thi!!



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