Santa : Yaar ye SENT MESSAGE Kya hota hai?
Banta: Tu v bilkul khota hi hai.
Sent Message Matlab Khushboo Wala Message.


Hindi |

Santa wanted to make an STD call to Hoshiyarpur
but it was too expensive.
Can u guess what he did..?
He went to hosiyarpur and
made a local call.
Bolo tara ra ra..!!



Santa : Phone per itni dhimi aawaaz mein
kis-se baat kar rahe ho..?
Banta: Behan hai.
Santa : To fir itni dhimi aawaaz mein kyun..?
Banta: Teri hai.



Once in a crowded bus Santa ka paon ek ladke ke paon pe aa gaya.
Santa : Sorry.
Ladka: Shut up.
Kuch der baad ek ladki ka paon ladke ke paon pe aa gaya .
Ladki: Sorry.
Ladka: Its Ok.
Santa : Na meri sorry de spelling ghalt c..?


Punjabi |

Santa pravachan sun ke ghar aaya
aur apni biwi ko godh mein utha liya.
Biwi: Pravachan mein romance sikhaya hai kya?
Santa : Nahi, pravachan mein kaha ki apne dukhon ko khud uthaao.



Teacher: What is the difference between a radio and a newspaper..?
Santa : Newspaper mein tandoor ki rotiyan daal sakte hain, radio mein nahi..


Hindi |

Santa gives dictation test to the students.
Last bench students said that they are unable to hear,
so Santa replied,
"Ok i will write on the board."



Santa (ladki ko chedte hue):
Hor sohneyo, ki haal aa..??
Ladki (Gusse mein)
Jo teri bhen da.
Santa : Woh to pregnant hai..



Santa in a Bank Test..
Q: What is a Cyclone?

Santa answers: "It is the smallest Loan given by a Bank to purchase a cycle....!"


English |

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