Santa : Dr. main subha 9 baje uth-ta hun to mujhe
saana lene mein taklif hoti hai.
Dr: Beta jaldi utha karo kyonki Saari Oxygen to
Baba Ramdev aur unke chele kheench lete hain..



Santa went to an electrical shop.
Santa : 2 panke dena; 1 ladies aur 1 gents.
Salesman: Pankhon mein ladies aur gents nahi hota.
Santa : Kaise nahi hote..1 Bajaj ka de aur 1 Usha ka..


Hindi |

Santa went to a radio shop and started shouting,
Kamino maine PHILIPS ka radio maanga tha,
aur isko on kiya to yeh bolta hai ki,
yeh All India Radio hai..



Banta - What is pin-drop darkness?
Santa - If you drop a pin and can't find it
then it is pin-drop drakness..


English |

Kaale Badal chaaye hoye c te sante nu apni gf to thappar pe gaya...


Kyoki ohne gana gata
"Aaj din chadya tere rang varga"..


Punjabi |

Santa ki ladaai apne baapu se ho gayi
to usne apne baapu ki photo kabristan me ek ped pe latka dee
aur niche likha “Coming Soon”..


Hindi |

Santa was sitting and thinking hard.
Preetoji: Kya soch rahe ho ji?
Santa : Yeh TV waalo ko kaise pataa chal gayaa?
Preetoji: Kya?
Santa : "Aap dekh rahe hain STAR PLUS."



Couple in theatre:
Husband : Darling, mujhe to tumhaari aatma se pyaar hai,
tumhaara jism to main kutton ko daal dun!!
Santa sitting on back seat: BHOW BHOW..BHOW BHOW..



Santa : Mujhe shadi mein BMW mili hai..!
Banta: Par tumhare pass toh koi car nahi hai..?
Santa :Abe gadhe, BMW ka matlab
Bahut Moti Wife ..


Hindi |

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