Real love is not based on romance,
candle light dinner and walks along the beach.
In face, is based on respect,
compromise, care and trust..


English |


There are moments in life when you miss someone so much
that you just want to pick them from your dreams and
hug them for real!
Hope you dream of that special someone..


English |

Uljhe hue haalaat ka shikwa na kia kar,
khairaat mein khushiyon ki tamanna na kia kar,

sau baar kaha itni mohabat nahih achchi,
sau baar kaha itna bharosa na kia kar,

haalaat tujhko mujhse na milney kabhi denge,
ae dost mere meri tamanna na kia kar,

kya jaane yeh kis moarr pe le jaaye zamaana,
tu mujhko kisi pal bhi alehda na kia kar,

mumkin hai kisi roz bichar jaaun achanak,
tu mujhse pyaar itna zyaada na kia kar..


Urdu |

यह बता पाना मुश्किल है
कि क्यों नहीं नींद है
वो सपनों में कैसे आएं
जो साँसों में मौज़ूद है ..

It's hard to tell the reason
for sleepless nights
how will someone come in dreams
when they are there in our breaths..


Hindi |

I love those people who can make me laugh
during those moments when I feel like I can't even smile..


English |

Ek hi nazar mein aap humaare mehmaan ban gaye,
do baatein kya ki saara jahaan ban gaye,
paas reh kar bhi kuch log humaare na ho sake,
dooor reh kar bhi aap humaari jaan ho gaye..


Hindi |

Love is like a bird, if you hold it tightly,
it dies
if you hold it slightly
it flies
if you hold it correctly
it shits in your hand
stay away & enjoy life .



The brain is the most outstanding organ.
It works for 24 hours, 365 days,
right from your birth until
you fall in love ..


English |

Ek mulaakat karo humse inaayat samajh kar,
har cheez ka hisaab denge qayaamat samajh kar,
mere pyaar per kabhi shak na karna..
pyaar bhi karte hain ibaadat samajh kar.



When your day gets tired
think of me as night
no matter what you are
I have to embrace you..

Jab tumhara din thak jaaye
to socho main raat hun
kaise bhi ho jaao
mujhe tumhe seene se hi lagaana hai..


English |

तुम मुखातिब भी हो, क़रीब भी हो
तुम को देखूं कि तुम से बात करूँ ..
- फ़िराक़ गोरखपुरी

Tum mukhaatib bhi ho, kareeb bhi ho
tum ko dekhun ki tum se baat karun..
- Firaq Gorakhpuri


Hindi |

Zindagi sabko mile zaruri to nahi,
sabke hontho pe hansi ho zaruri to nahi,
kuch log aise hain jinse bahut pyaar hai,
par unko mehsus ho zaruri to nahi..


Hindi |

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