If you get less messages from me,
don't think that I don't think,
that i didn't care for you but
i am searching for the best message
for a best person like you..



Priya mitr, Namaskaar
Aapke sandesh padne ke upraant hum
atyant aanand-vibhor ho jaate hain.
Kripya apne chalit-doorbhaash yantra se
alp sandesh bhejte rahein.
Aapka mitr.



Suna hai ki pramod mahajan
ke bhai ne usko goli maar di thi
coz woh usko na call aur na hi msg bhejta tha..
aapka kya khayaal hai..?
msg karoge..? Ya main aa kar miloon..?



Kem cho, majama?
tabiyat saari?
baaki anand mangal?
angadi nathi dukhti ne?
aankh pan ok?
magaj baraabar?
kamaal cho yaar..
to paachi SMS karo ne bapa.



Diya hai upar wale ne mobile ,

yaar itni to kadar kiya karo,

Beshak na karo koi call,

Par har roz do-char sms to kiya karo...



Phool khile, kaliyaan khili,
Phool khile, kaliyaan khili,
ab gulaab ki baari hai.
humne to sms bhej diya..
ab janaab ki baari hai.



Meri prem kahaani ka,
kya ajeeb ending tha..
Izhaar-e- Mohabbat kiya tha maine SMS se,
jo uski shaadi tak pending tha..



Everytime I hear my message tone
I always hope one of them comes from You
My phone has limited memory but
My hear has unlimited space for
a lovely friend like You..


English |

A 'sms' means
i care enough to
flex my thumb,
search your name,
wait for 'message sent',
then think of you n
smile as i say,
"You are Special"



SMS ka sangrah kar ke kya paega vats... ?
Balance ka moh chhod aur SMS kar...
Mitron se sampark banaae rakhne mein hi swarg ki prapti hai.



Babuji ne kaha ghar chhod do..
Maa ne kaha paaro ko chhod do..
Paro ne kaha daaru chhod do..
magar aapko kis kanjar ne kaha,
ki humein SMS karna chhod do.



Kabhi dost kehte ho kabhi dua dete ho,
kabhi bewaqt neend se jagaa dete ho,
par jab bhi sms karte ho..
ek lamha zindagi ka badhaa dete ho.



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