Boss : Pichle 6 mahino mein tumne kitni chhutiyan li hain,
kabhi bimari to kabhi honeymoon to kabhi bachche ki bimari.
Ab kya hai?
Employee: Sir, kal meri shaadi hai.




It's always darkest before dawn.
So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper,
that's the time to do it..


English |

एक बार एक लड़का अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड के साथ बगीचे में बैठा बातें कर रहा होता है
लड़का: जानू, आज मौसम कितना सुहाना है ना?
लड़की: हाँ!
लड़का : तो इस सुहाने मौसम में कोई ऐसी बात करो ना जिसे सुन कर मेरे दिल की धड़कन तेज हो जाए!
लड़की (अचानक): अबे भाग नहीं तो आज तू पिटेगा मेरा बाप और भाई इधर ही आ रहे हैं!

- Hemant Singh


Hindi |

Ghollu: Yaar mhari madam nu kahve thi, ke bhais ka dhoodh peen teh dimaag tej hove h.

Mollu: Gappe mare hai susri, jo nu hotta to mhara katra engineer na hotta..?


Hindi |

I told her that i have no jewellery shop.
Still she says, "Mahi Mahi Mahi Mainu Challa Pawaa De.."


Punjabi |

Ek makhi ek ganje ke sir per baith gayi
to second makhi ne kaha: achcha house khareeda hai.
First makhi ne kaha: abhi toh bas plot hi khareeda hai.



Rice is great if you're really hungry and
want to eat two thousand of something.


English |

A boy threw 6 cricket balls on his girl friend .
Girl: What the hell was that..?.
Boy: its over..


English |

Patient to Doctor:
Aapne nurse bahut achchi rakhi hai,
uska haath lagte hi main theek ho gayaa.
Doctor: Jaanta hun..
thappad ki aawaaz mujhe bhi sunaai di thi..



If children's prayer had any effect,
there wouldn't be a single teacher alive.


English |

A naughty kid was sitting on the toilet but potty was not coming.
After many efforts he got frustrated and shouted:
Aley aa jaa yaal,
main tujhe khaa thori jaunga..


Hindi |

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