Rishta banaya hai to nibhayenge,
har pal aapko hasaayenge,
pata hai aapko to fursat nahi yaad karne ki,
hum hi tang kar-kar ke apni yaad dilaayenge..




कब दिल तेरी याद में चूर नहीं होता
कब तुझसे मिलने को दिल मजबूर नहीं होता
यह सच है ज़िन्दगी में दिल उसी का टूटा है
जिसका कोई कसूर नहीं होता ..

Kab dil teri yaad mein choor nahi hota
kab tujhse milne ko dil majboor nahi hota
yeh sach hai zindagi mein dil usi ka toota hai
jiska koi kasoor nahi hota..


Hindi |

उन्हें तो फुरसत नहीं मिलने की हमसे
और हमारा वक़्त गुज़रता है उनकी फ़रि याद करके
अगर आए वो मेरी मौत पर तो कहना
अभी - अभी सोया है तुम्हे याद करके ..

Unhe to fursat nahi milne ki humse
aur humaara waqt guzarta hai unki fariyaad karke
agar aaye woh meri maut per to kehna
abhi-abhi soye hain tumhe yaad karke..


Hindi |

Dosto ki dosti per shak nahi karte,
jab hum bol rahe hon to bak-bak nahi karte,
sms karte ho jab hum so rahe hote hain..
ab hum jage hain to yaad bhi nahi karte.



A thousand words won't bring you back
i know because i have tried,
neither will a million tears
i know because i have cried..


English |


A rain drop looks very small but
somewhere a thirsty flower awaits its fall.
As my sms looks very small but
the sending heart remembers you a Lot..


English |

Think twice before leaving a space
in someone's heart because
it's painful to realize how much you miss that
space when you decide to go back and
find someone has taken your place.


English |

Aankhon mein rehne waalon ko yaad nahi karte,
dil mein rehne waalon ki baat nahi karte,
humaari to rooh mein bas gaye ho aap,
tabhi to milne ki fariyaad nahi karte.



Jab khayal kiya to khayal bhi tera aaya,
jab aankhein band ki to khawab bhi tera aaya,
socha yaad kar lu us khuda ko
magar jab honth khule to naam bhi tera aaya..



और कुछ नहीं चाहिए
बस एक मुस्कान ही काफी है
तुम दिल में बसे रहो ये अरमान ही काफी है
ये नहीं कहता तुम मेरे हो जाओ
बस हमें याद रखना ये अहसान ही काफी है..


Hindi |

When you miss someone, you message them
to let them know that you are thinking of them.
But the truth is you really want them to think of you.



Care is the main ingredient that keeps true friendship alive,
despite separation, distance and time.
Since I can't see u,
let my care be with u.....



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