Boy: i love you, main tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakta hu.

Girl: will u die for me?

Boy: yes.

Girl: will u bring stars for me?

Boy: yes.

Girl: will u delete ur facebook account for me?

Boy: ja behen ja, ghar pe sab pareshan ho rahe honge..




Ek ladka - larki hotel main gaye
Waiter: Kya loge?
Larki: Sabjiyo wali gujiya.
Waiter: What ?
Ladka: Yeh momos mang rahi hai.


Hindi |

Marriage involves mathematics for it -
Doubles joys,
Halves sorrows, and
Quadruples expenses.


English |

Father to son: Whenever i beat you,
you don't get annoyed, how you control your anger..?
Son: I start cleaning the toilet seat with your toothbrush.


English |

English to Hindi Translations
1. Yo baby! what's up?
मुन्नी , यह ऊपर क्या है ?
2. Listen buddy, that chick is mine!
सुनो दोस्त , वह मुर्गी का बच्चा मेरा है !
3. Are you nuts?
क्या आप अखरोट हैं ?
4. Let's rock the party.
चलो पार्टी में पत्थर मारते हैं |
5. Let's hangout yaar.
चलो बाहर लटकते हैं ..


Hindi |

Ek kanjoos ke bete ka acident ho gaya.
Dr: Aapke bete ki dono leg katni padegi.
Kanjoos ne apna sir pakad liya
Dr: Kya hua..?
Kanjoos: Kal hi saale ko nayi chappal dilayi thi.


Hindi |

Policeman: Sir, how did you come to have this accident?
Motorist: Well, the sign just there says, Stop? Look? Listen . and
while i was doing that
the train hit me.



Well I have a microphone
and you don't
so you will listen to every damn word
I have to say!
- Adam Sandler


English |

Ur eyes pathaaka, ur lips rocket,
ur ears chakri, ur baatein fuljhari,
ur style anaar, ur personality bomb..
Tu bhaag ja, i'm coming with candle!!



I saw a fat person wearing a sweatshirt with 'Guess' on it.
I said 'Thyroid problem..?'


English |

चाटी क्यों अम्मा चुम्बक तू
इक दिल्ली गयो दूजा टिम्बकटू ..

These lines are taken from Hotstar VIVO IPL 2019 campaign advertisement. Quite funny and creative #KoiYaarNahiFar..


Hindi |

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