In harmony of the new and fresh birth of the motherland and nature,
we the Iranians wish and greet each and every one Navroz Mubarak!
May Lord fulfill the pending wishes and desires of you..


Persian |


Wishing you and your family
New Year 2007 full of joy,
happiness, health, wealth,
peace, prosperity, name, fame,
success and longevity!!
Happy New Year!!


English |

If you make a new years resolution
to not keep any new years resolutions
would you keep it?


English |


Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai,
sitaaron ne aasmaan se salaam bheja hai,
mubaarak ho aapko Nav Varsh
Hamne advance mein yeh paigaam bheja hai!!


Urdu |

Muskaan aapke chehre se kabhi jaaye na,
aansu aapki aankhon mein kabhi aaye na,
poora ho aapka har khwaab..
jo poora na ho woh khwaab kabhi aaye na.
Happy New Year!!


Hindi |

Socha kisi apne se baat karein,
apne kisi khaas ko yaad karein,
kiya jo faislaa naye saal ki shubh-kaamnaayein dene ka,
dil ne kaha kyon na shuruwaat aapse karein..
Happy New Year!!


Hindi |


Chaand mein agar noor na hota,
tanha dil majboor na hota,
hum aapko khud Happy New Year wish karne aate..
agar aapka ghar itni dooor na hota.
Happy New Year!!


Hindi |

As this is the begining of new year,
i want to think of special people who
touched my life with their concern &
made my life more meaningful.
You are one of them dear.


English |

2006 sabse ho gaya hai dooor,
kya karein yahi hai kudrat ka dastur,
purani yaadein soch kar udaas na ho tum..
naya saal aaya hai..machaale DHOOM!!


Hindi |


Before the sunset,
before the network got jammed,
before you are in a vibratig mood
on the last day of year 2006
i wish you a happy & prosperous new year &
try to walk as per GOD 's wish..


English |

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