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To succeed in life , you need three things:
a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.
- Reba McEntire


English |

The pessimist spoke mournfully to his friend :
"It is only to me that such misfortunes happen."
"What's the matter now?", inquired his friend .
The pessimist answered dolefully:
"Don't you see that it is raining..?"


English |

In court Judge to Lady:
You are really very brave, Daaku ko bahut maara tumNe.
Lady: Mujhe kya pata daaku tha,
main samjhi mere pati ghar dair se aaye hain.


Hindi |

Two sardaars were talking.
1st: Is Harbhajan Singh, the cricketer, male or female?
2nd: Female.
1st: How?
2nd: Just now the commentator told a wonderful delivery by him.



Girl to her boyfriend: Can you drive the car with one hand..?
Boyfriend (romantically): Ya sure!
Girl: Taan nak saaf kar le sidla jeha,
kado da vagi jaanda hai.



Izhaar-e-Kadki = Paise ki Killat
1 Dost - Yaar aajkal GF se udhaar le kar
kaam chala raha hun.

2 Dost - Mere paas to cigarette
tak ke paise nahi hain..


Hindi |

Indian soldiers captured a Pakistani..
They gave him a dice and said:
If you will get 1,2,3,4,5 we will kill you.
Pakistani asked- 6 aaya to..?
Indian- Ludo nahi khela kya..?
Dubaara baari.



Mujrim: Sahib mainu koi eho jehi saza devo
ke lok thoo-thoo karan,
jithe v main javaan lok mainu galaan kadhan.
Judge: Kyon vai, hun badal di jagah tainu CM bana dian.



Ek ladka - larki hotel main gaye
Waiter: Kya loge?
Larki: Sabjiyo wali gujiya.
Waiter: What ?
Ladka: Yeh momos mang rahi hai.


Hindi |

Hansa: AUTOMATICALLY matlab?
Praful: Jab auto mein baith kar koi ladki ganji ho jaaye
to usko kehte hain,



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