Aeni fariyaad meri ki mainu yaad rakhi,
mere naal beete pal abaad rakhi,
jehde pyaar karde ne tenu unna wichon mera pyaar yaad rakhi,
bhaave mainu sabna toh baad rakhi..


Punjabi |


Mil jaati hai kitno ko khushi ,
mit jaate hain kitno ke ghum,
messages isliye bhejte rehte hain hum,
ki dooor reh kar bhi na ho apno ki muskaan kam..



Valuing someone isn't merely by seeing
each other everyday.
What counts is that somehow
in our busy lives
we remember to say
U r always remembered.




Ek muskaan tu mujhe ek baar de de,
khwaab mein hi sahi ek deedaar de de,
bas ek baar kar le aane ka waada..
fir umar bhar ka chaahe intezaar de de.



Someone asked what makes people happy ?
Some said wealth and some said fame.
I was thinking abt this when my cell beeped
& ur sms came.
I smiled and said, "This makes me happy ..."



Do you know the meaning of HAPPY ?
H - Hum
A - Aapko
P - Pal
P - Pal
Y - Yaad karte hain..


Hindi |

Khush rahe ya bahut udaas rahe,
zindagi tere aas-paas rahe..
kabhi sunhere khwaab ki tarah milna,
khili hui dhoop mein barsaat ki tarah milna..



Itni jaldi daaman chod diya,
itni jaldi vaada tod diya,
abhi to zindagi ki saansein hain baaki..
aur aapne abhi se yaad karna chod diya.



Bachpan ki woh amiri na jane kaha kho gayi...
warna kabhi, barish ke pani mein
hamare bhi jahaaz chala karte the...


Hindi |

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