Har Insan Dil ka bura nahi hota,
Har koi insan Bewafa nahi hota,
Bujh jaate hain diye aksar apni hi galtiyo se,
Har baar kasur Hawa ka nahi hota..


Hindi |


मंडियों में क्यों हर साल हज़ारों टन गेहूं
बारिश में गीला हो जाता है
जलती धूप में पसीना बहा कर
जो नाज़ों से सींचे मोती
क्यों उनको बिना तरपाल
खुले में छोड़ दिया जाता है
क्या कभी कोई इस जुर्म की सज़ा भी पाता है ..


Hindi |

Today will never come again.
Be a blessing, be a friend .
Encourage someone.
Take time to care.
Let your words heal and not wound.


English |

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary.
It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body.
It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.


English |

Three Things to Watch:
Beauty, Behaviour, Action
Three Things to Control:
Tongue, Temper, Temptation
Three Things to LOVE :
Purity, Honesty, Hard Work
Now send it to Three lazy people as i did..


English |


Concentrated political power
is the most dangerous thing on earth. - Rudolph Rummel


English |

तौबा तेरी अदायें दिलकश हैं बहुत
पर जो हवा में उड़े वो इंसान कैसा ..


Hindi |

Manzil to mil hi jaayegi, bhatak ke hi sahi.
Gumraah toh woh hai jo ghar se nikle hi nahin!


Urdu |

If you are not paying
you are  not the customer
but you are the product..


English |

What you will do if one day
whole world will be on one side and
you on opposite..??
Just turn back and
you will be the leader of the whole world !!



Parents always teach their kids not to talk to strangers.
But the funny thing is that they strictly support arranged marriage ..


English |

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