Not where others fail, or do or leave undone,

The wise should notice what himself has done or left undone. - Gautama, the Buddha


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Great words said by Abraham Lincoln:-
Do Tarah Se Dekhne Me Cheeze Chhoti Nazar Aati Hai..
Ek To - Door Se
Dusra - Gurur Se....!!


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Be grateful that you don't have everything you want!
So that you have the opportunity of being happier tomorrow,
than you are today..!!


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Zindagi Hai Chhoti,
Har Pal Me Khush Hun.
Office Me Khush Hun,
Ghar Me Khush Hun.
Aaj Paneer Nahi Hai,
Daal Me Hi Khush Hun.
Aaj Gaadi Nahi Hai,
Do Kadam Chal Ke Bhi Khush Hun.
Aaj Doston Ka Saath Nahi Hai,
Photo Dekh Ke Hi Khush Hun.

Aaj Koi Naraaz Hai,
Uske Is Andaz Me Bhi Khush Hun.
Jisko Dekh Nahi Sakta,
Uski Awaaz Me Hi Khush Hun.
Beeta Hua Kal Ja Chuka Hai,
Uski Meethi Yadon Me Bhi Khush Hun.
Aane Wale Pal Ka Pata Nahi,
Sapno Me Hi Khush Hun.
Hanste Hanste Yun Hi Beet Jaye Zindagi ,
Bas Har Pal Sabko Khushi De Kar Khush Hun.
Agar Dil Ko Chhua To Reply Karna,
Nahi To Aise Hi Khush Hun.!



Dowry stands for
D - Donkeys
O - Of the first order
W - Who can't stand on their feet
R - Rely on their wives riches
Y - Yet shameless


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जो दे रहे हैं तुम्हे फल पके - पकाये हुए
ये पेड़ तुम्हे मिले हैं लगे - लगाये हुए
ज़मीन ओढ़ कर सोये हैं सारी दुनियाँ मैं
न जाने कितने सिकंदर थके - थकाए हुए
ये जरुरी है शेर - शायरी खुद लिखी जाये ?
खरीद लाएंगे कपडे सिले - सिलाए हुए
हमारे मुल्क़ में खादी की बरकतें हैं मियां
चुने - चुनाये हैं सारे छटे - छटाये हुए ..

Jo de rahe hain tumhe fal pake-pakaye hue
ye ped tumhe mile hain lage-lagaye hue
zamin odh kar soye hain sari duniyan mein
na jane kitne sikandar thake-thakaye hue
yeh zaroori hai sher-shayari khud likhi jaye?
kharid layenge kapde sile-silaye hue
humare mulq main khadi ki barqate hain miyan
chune-chunaye hain sare chhate-chhataye hue..


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Best lines For a Practical Life :

"I Have Many Problems In My Life ,


My Lips Doesn't Know.

They, Always Smile...."



Three Things to Watch:
Beauty, Behaviour, Action
Three Things to Control:
Tongue, Temper, Temptation
Three Things to LOVE :
Purity, Honesty, Hard Work
Now send it to Three lazy people as i did..


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I cultivate in my soldiers the courage of
dying without killing.
I believe that non-violence is
infinitely superior to violence,
forgiveness more manly than punishment. - MK Gandhi


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मैं बचाता रहा दीमकों से घर अपना
और चंद कुर्सी के कीड़े पूरा मुल्क खा गए..


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Simple line...
"Empty Pockets teaches million things in life ..."
"Full Pockets spoil U in million ways..."


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