In life there are Five Things
you should not lose:
1. Character
2. Self-Respect
3. Hope
4. Heart
Well, you know my name.


English |

I don't care what you think of me,
unless you think I'm awesome.
In which case you are right.


English |

One day all people of earth went to GOD and asked:
Who is the most loving and sweetest person on earth?
They all went to earth with a new question,
Who is ?


English |

Redefined Definitions:
Atom Bomb - An invention to end all inventions.
Cigarette - A pinch of tobacco with fire at one end n a fool at the other.
Lecture - The art of transfering a conscious person to a subconscious state.
Genius - See the sender's name


English |

It isn't always just how you look.
Look at me. I'm handsome like anything and
I haven't got anybody to marry me yet.


English |

If you like my sms, i am smart.
If you save, you agree i am smart.
If you forward, you spread that i am smart.
And if you delete, you are jealous because i am smart.


English |

Sajda hai dil mein tarane bahut hain
zindagi jeene ke bahane bahut hain
kis kis ko sms karun
kambakht is nacheez ke diwane bahut hain..


Urdu |

Before sleeping pray to God -
Thank you God for making my day end
with the SMS of this great living legend
who's smartness will inspire me
today, tomorrow and always..


English |

Sheeshe mein Shakal,
Paper mein Nakal,
Function mein Thaali,
Mazaak mein Saali,
Pyaas mein Paani,
Raja ko Rani,
Pyaar mein Sanam, aur
Life mein Hum..
Badi Kismat se milte hain..


Hindi |

God created me to be your friend .
He picked me out from all the rest because
He knows i am the best.
Don't argue on God 's choice
Just accept that you are Lucky..


English |

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