Smart Father

Beta - Papa mujhe 180cc pulsar bike hi leni hai...
Baap - Beta tu 180cc pulsar le ya 350cc ki bulet,

picha tune 100cc ki scooty ka hi karna hai.... :P ;-)

- Tarun Goma

Hindi |


Father to son: Sharmaji ki ladki ko dekha hai,
woh exam mein first aai hai.
Son: Usi ko to dekhta tha,
tabhi to fail ho gaya.



Pati mobile , Patni Sim-card.
Dono mile to hua recharge.
Beta hua to incoming,
Beti hui to outgoing.
Agar kuch na hua to missed call.



Joe: We will soon become rich.
Jill: How?
Joe: Tomorrow my mathematics teacher will teach me
how to convert paisa into rupees.



I saw a fat person wearing a sweatshirt with 'Guess' on it.
I said 'Thyroid problem..?'


English |

Class ki Group Photo dekhte hue Teacher bacchon se kehne lagi:
Jab tum log bade ho kar yeh photo dekhoge to kahoge,
Yeh Raju hai jo America chala gaya...
Yeh Chandu hai jo London chala gaya..
aur yeh pappu hai jo wahi ka wahi reh gaya..
Pappu gusse se bola: "Aur yeh humaari Teacher hain
jinka dehant ho gaya.."


Hindi |

I'll admit that the Chinese kids
in math class are pretty smart
but doing it with their eyes closed
that's a bit tricky..


English |

What is attitude ..?
Three ants saw an elephant coming.
1st ant - We'll kill him.
2nd ant - We'll break his legs.
3rd ant - Leave him dude, he's alone,
and we r three.. that won't be fair.



Wen u read a love msg,
u never think of d person who sent d msg
but u think of d person whom u love d most..
kharcha kisi ka aur charcha kisi ka..



2 seater helicopter crashed on a kabristan in Punjab.
Next day's news: Punjab mein hawaai jahaaz gira,
250 laashe dhoond nikali gai hain, aur talaash jaari hai.



Boy to Girl: I Love You..
Girl: I am engaged with someone and i have a boyfriend too.
Boy (After thinking for a while): Dekh le agar kahin adjust hota hun to..


Hindi |

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