Hindi teacher asks Santa : Kaal kitne prakaar ke hote hain?
Santa : O G 7 prakaar ke -
1. Local kaal
2. STD kaal
3. ISD kaal
4. Missed kaal
5. Received kaal
6. Dialled kaal aur
7. Sat Sri Akal


Punjabi |

Teacher told all students in a class
to write an essay on a cricket match.
All were busy writing except Santa .
He wrote: No match, due to rain.


English |

Santa underwear lene gaya.
Dukaandaar ne usko Rs. 500 ka underwear dikhaya.
Santa : Roz pehn-ne wala de,
party wear nahi chaahiye.



Santa : Yaar, mujhe apni girl friend ko gift dena hai. Kya doon ?
Banta: Gold Ring de de.
Santa : O yaar koi waddi cheez bataa.
Banta: Jaa fir truck ka tyre de de.



Santa ki wife kidnap ho gayi.
Kidnapper ne finger ka tukda bheja aur paise mange.
Santa : Ungali to kisi ki bhi ho sakti hai, Mundi bhej Mundi....


Hindi |

Santa : Hello, Apollo Hospital.. My friend Banta has got an Hear Attack.
Receptionist: Sir, what's your location.
Santa : Chandni Chowk, near Sunehri Masjid .
Receptionist: Can you spell that..?
Santa : After a pause, How about I take him to India Gate and
you can pick him from there..?


English |

Santa saw a beautiful girl,
he went and kissed her.
Girl: "STUPID what are you doing..?"
Santa : B.Com final year.


English |

Teacher: You know, you can't sleep in my class.
Santa : I know. But maybe if you were just a little quieter, I could..


English |

Santa got a Mercedes Benz on his birthday.
But he is not driving.
He don't want to sit on Driver's Seat..!!


English |

Santa : Kal mittra ne kudiya de college di bus rok layi..
Banta: Fer..?

Santa : .......fer ki, Aapa keha chabeel laggi aa pani pee k jaeo g.


Punjabi |

How Santa bid farewell to Preeto:
Preetoji I am very sad
tussi jaa rahe ho,
tussi naa jaao.
Te je jaa hi rahe ho
te apni friend
Kammo da number de dena please
kade thoda dukh-sukh saanjha kar laange..


Punjabi |

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