You are strong as RUM..
Fine as WINE..
Cool as BEER..
Classic as WHISKY..
as Sophisticated as VODKA..
in short..
i am totally TUNN in your friendship .




May be i am not an important person in your life .
But one day when you hear my name you would just smile n say,
"I had a friend in this name."
That's enough for me..



Softly the leaves of memory fall,
slowly i will gather & pick them all,
because today, tomorrow & till my life is through,
i'll always cherish having a friend like U.



Aapka chehre par kya Sweet Smile hai,
haath mein kya Raapchik Mobile hai,
Mobile mein SMS ki kya Jhakkas File hai,
phir bhi SMS na karna kya Bhaav Khaane ka Style hai..??




What is friendship .......?
You fight about the smallest things
in life when you are together
and miss those smalles things
when you are torn apart by time..



Bhool se agar bhool ho jaaye
to bhool smajhkar bhool jaana..
Bhulaana sirf bhool ko
bhoolkar bhi humein na bhool jaana..




Everyone wants to be the sun of your life
that lights up your life
but being a friend , i'd rather be your moon,
so i could shine during your darkest hours
when your sun is not around you.



Friendship is like a violin,
music may stop now and then,
but strings are attached forever!
Likewise you may be in touch or not,
but you are always remembered.



Pal-pal se banta hai ehsaas..
ehsaas se banta hai wishwaas..
wishwaas se bante hain rishtey..
rishton se banta hai koi khaas..
jaise aap.




Lo ji..
Garmiaan da tohfa:


Ice cream for you..
thodi jahi khaa ke agge forward kar do..
garmi sirf tuhaano hi nahi lagdi.



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