Today is Father's Day

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Rangon se bhari shaam ho jaaye,
saare rang aapke naam ho jaaye,
khelein hum is tarah aapke saath holi ,
ki khelte khelte subah se shaam ho jaye..


Hindi |


आज गुब्बारे उड़ नहीं
पड़ रहे हैं
दोस्तों - मेहमानों के गाल
लाल पिले हरे नीले
हो रहे हैं
बच्चों की टुकड़ी
निकली है तैयार हो कर
हम भी आ रहे हैं
खेलने होली आपके घर ..
Happy Holi !


Hindi |

Gale lagana amma ko
babuji ko tilak lagana
dekho bach ke nakli rango se
tum holi ka tyohaar manana..


Hindi |

How does Santa plays holi ..?
Any guess..?
He applies heena (mehndi) on hair of people who come at home..
Sachchi badaa hi nice munda hai ji..


Hindi |

Holi aayi tum udaao gulaal,
bhula do saare ranj-o-malaal,
prem ke sang manaao tyohaar,
mehakti rahe jeevan mein sugandh hazaar..


Hindi |

Tesu ki khushboo, rango ki bahaar,
kaanji ka ras, gujjia ka swaad,
man mein tarange, dilon mein pyaar ,
yahi hai holi ka pyaara tyohaar.



With petals of roses, palm full of holy water,
light of sunshine, fragrance of flowers and grass with dew,
i wish you very happy holi .



Happy Holi
because Kabirji ne kaha hai,
kal kare so aaj kar,
aaj kare so ab,
network fail ho jaayega,
fir tu wish karega kab.



Color is life
Color is hope
Color is creation
Color is dream
So lets celebrate the festival of colors
& accept my Heartiest wishes of HOLI ...


English |

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