Meaning of Flowers:
Forget-Me-Not: speaks for itself.
Red Rose: I love You.
White Rose: I love you Not.
Red Carnation: Passionate love . I must see you soon.
Bronze Chrysanthemum: friendship . Though I value your friendship ,
I cannot love you.
Tiger Lily: Passion. My love know no bounds.
Mistletoe: I send you a thousand kisses.


English |

You want and you get.. that is luck.
You want and you wait.. that is time.
You want but you compromise.. that is life .
You want, you wait, you compromise..
and still don't get..
that is LOVE !



Kabhi sardi jaaye kabhi garmi aaye,
kabhi nanhi-nanhi boondein bhigayein,
hain saare mousam achche tum sang,
har mousam mein tum meri jeevan tarang..


Hindi |

A man asked GOD , what is LOVE ?
GOD replied: Go to the garden and get the most beautiful flower.
Man returned empty handed & told that i found the most beautiful
flower but i kept walking in hope of a better one.
And then i realised that i had ignored the best one.
i went back but could not find it there.
GOD said This is LOVE .
You don't value it when you have it
but repent when you lose it.
So never let your Dearest go.

This sms conveys a simple message of contentment and to value relations. Also, it is best said that a bird in hand is better than two in the bushes.

To someone you love and who might be ignoring you.

Preferably in night or at a time when the person you are sending this sms is alone and is at leisure so that he or she can actually put a thought to it as to why you have send this message.


English |

Care is the sweetest form of love .
When someone says take care
it really means that you will stay
in their heart till it's last beat.
So take care of yourself..



Rishton ki ehmiyat bataate hain faasle,
par thoda tadpaate hain faasle,
bas itna samajh lijiye..
ki zindagi mein pyaar ka ehsaas dilaate hain faasle.



What magic can a million dollars do
when gazed over, touched, or even hugged
to someone who is mesmerized
by your simple smile..


English |

वो थकते नहीं हमारी बुराई करते
कोई गैर कुछ बोल दे
तो उन्हें बर्दाश्त भी नहीं ..


Hindi |

The person who loves you more
will trouble you more
but when you drop a tear
he will fight the world to stop your tears..


English |

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