Dil jeet le woh jigar hum rakhte hain,
katal kar de woh nazar hum rakhte hain,
wada kiya hai kisi se humesha mukurayenge,
warna hum bhi aankho me samundar rakhte hain..

- Mini

Hindi |


Yeh unki khoobiyon ka asar hai,
jo woh itne achche lagte hain,
jab woh kehte hain yeh waada hai mera..
to jhoote vaade bhi sachche lagte hain.



Mohabbat karne waalo ko inkaar achcha nahi lagta,
duniya waalo ko ikrar achcha nahi lagta,
jab tak ladka-ladki bhaag na jaayein,
in saalo ko pyaar achcha nahi lagta..



Aankhein aapki pehchan hai humari,
muskaan aapki shaan hai humari,
hifazat se rakhna apne aapko,
kyoki saanse aapki jaan hain humari..

- Mini


Hindi |

Lantern In A Soul

Love lights the lantern in a soul,
Laughter keeps it beaming bright;
Lightheartedness heals it whole,
Life's journey is well poised for flight.

But when Love is lost, all laughter dies,
Grief snuffs out every little spark;
Darkness circles tearful eyes ,
To leave a lasting scarring mark.

Then the lantern in a soul grows weak,
No hopeful flicker gleams and glows;
The flare of fun grows darkly bleak,
With wicked, weeping, wailing woes.

Light your lantern, guard its glow,
And light will lead you where you go.

- Roann Mendriq


English |

Jaam pe jaam peene se kya faayeda,
raat guzaari to saari utar jaaegi,
kisi ki aankhon se peo,
khuda kasam umar saari nashe mein guzar jaaegi.



i am new each day,
my moods get changed,
my thoughts are different,
but a part of me remains same
because it holds You..


English |

Zindagi sabko mile zaruri to nahi,
sabke hontho pe hansi ho zaruri to nahi,
kuch log aise hain jinse bahut pyaar hai,
par unko mehsus ho zaruri to nahi..


Hindi |

Which is the most painful way of death..?
Poison, Murder, Accident, Tsunami..??
Don't worry, it's very simple
just Love a person Sincerely..


English |

This heart of mine would surely die
And my body would wither by and by
But my love for you will go on and on
Yes, it will still be there after I am gone..


English |

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