Wife left a note on the Fridge:
It's not working!! I can't take it anymore, I've gone to stay at my Mom's place !!

Husband opened the Fridge, the light came on and the water was chilled...
What the hell was she talking about..? Fridge is working fine..!!


English |

Wife : "Women are not extravagant.
A woman can dress smartly on a sum
that would keep a man looking shabby."
Husband : That's right. What you dress on keeps me looking shabby.


English |

They had had their usual altercation over the breakfast table, and hubby exclaimed:
"What would you do if I were one of those husbands
who get up cross in the morning, bang the things about, and
kick because the coffee is cold?"

"Why," replied his wife , "I should make it hot for you!"


English |

Just when relatives and friends were
taking a dead lady towards crematorium ground
the coffin hit a road-side pole
and the lady jolts back to life .
After some years the lady died again.
This time when the corpse was on it's way
husband was repeating just these -
Watch out Poles..Watch out Poles..


English |

Some husbands hold wife 's hand in Malls.
because if they leave her hand, she will go shopping..!
It looks Romantic but actually it's Economic..


English |

Wife : I am firing out the driver form service,
because it is the second time that i escaped death today due to his rash driving.
Husband : Dear, just give him one more chance.


English |

Banta: Woh dekh teri biwi ko saanp kaat raha hai.
Santa : Arre tension mat le, Zeher bharwane aaya hoga..


Hindi |

Husband to Hotel Manager: Jaldi chalo,
meri biwi khidki se kud kar jaan dena chahti hai.
Manager: Sorry Sir, yeh aapka personal matter hai.
Hum ismein kuch nahi kar sakte.
Husband : Sir, khidki nahi khul rahi hai.


Hindi |

Hariyali Jhoola Teej hai aayo
naach reho baagaan ma mor
baithe ho aap office ma
aur main ho ri ghar ma bore..


Hindi |

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