Kya bat hai aaj to rangeen ho
kaun se colour ka kamaal hai..??
Aap sunder ho ya Dressage ka Dhamaal hai..

- Vicky Manda

Hindi |


Message na karke dil tor diya mera.
Ab mobile dafna dena.
Kafan na mile to apna rumaal odha dena.
Koi pooche rog kya tha
to nazre jhuka ke apni kanjusi bata dena..


Hindi |

KBC dweetiya!!
Chaliye aaie, aap aur hum is khel ko khelte hain.
Q: Nobody's like U, coz u r:
A: Fool
B: Monkey
C: Idiot
D: Mental
kya kahaa, 50/50 use karna chaahte hain.
Computerji plz do galat jawaab mitaa dijiye,
aur hamaare saamne rehne dijiye
1 sahi aur 1 galat jawaab.
B: Monkey
D: Mental
so u want to use ph. a friend lifeline????? me i'll tell u!!!!!!!!!



Meri yaad aaye = Yaad Karo
Zyaada yaad aaye = SMS Karo
Aur zyaada yaad aaye = Phone Karo
Aur bhi zyaada yaad aaye = Milo
Us-se bhi zyaada yaad aaye = To please jhooth bolna band karo.




I met 7 angels & they wanted to meet an intelligent person,
I gave them UR Address.....
Dekha, unko kaisa Ullu banaayaa!!






Let me test your maths
(u can read only one time, OK)
Q: How many times you pressed the button..?



Woh taaza thanda paani,
woh khushboodaar saabun,
bathroom shampoo ki bottle se saja hai,
tum kya jano, dear.......
roz nahaane mein kitna mazaa hai.



Aapki kashish sarfarosh hai,
aapka nasha u madhosh hai,
kya kahe tumse dost
jis paagal kutte ne aapko kata
wo ab tak behosh hai..



Kisi ne Dil badal liya,
kisi ne dhadkan badal li,
aap ke paas kuch bhi nahi tha badalne ko,
to aapne Mandir jaa kar Chappal hi badal li..?



Birds + sky = lovely day
Forest + Animal = nature's gifts
Stars + Night = romantic night
You + Your Smile = Hai rabba..tussi v na bas, daraa hi dende ho.



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